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Scenes from Thanksgiving weekend

img_2185Hi friends. Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as relaxing as ours. Other than having everyone over for Thanksgiving, we really didn’t do much, and it was glorious. We slept in every day, watched Home Alone and Elf a few times, clipped Black Friday coupons and chillaxed. Even got in some exercise and gender revealing. Our turkey took a little longer than we thought on Thanksgiving, which made everyone a little hangry, but once we got it all out on the feasting tables, it was like no one waited an extra 2 hours to eat, ha. We all just dug in and laughed at our epic fail. Poor Rob was so stressed about the bird he almost didn’t have an appetite. Almost;) And everyone went so long without eating that they overate and didn’t save room for dessert, which meant I got to keep the Costco pumpkin pie all to myself! WIN!  Continue Reading

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We’re having a …

gender-reveal-holiday-theme Snowman. Just kidding! Hahaha. Thought it was about time I make a formal announcement of what we’re expecting in April. And you know me, I have to do something fun, and with Jace in mind. So, I went and picked up a piñata, and let Jace go to town. And who am I kidding, Rob, too! Jace looked pretty serious at first, but then he got really into it. We a took a million photos, but here were our favorites. Jace’s face is too much.

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Our Lady Wood Housewarming Gift

lady-wood-custom-wood-design-home-decor-idea My best friend Heather is trying her hand at something new these days and I’m so excited to show it off. Mainly because it’s now hanging in my new house! Look at this custom wood piece she made for us, with her own hands! It’s seriously amazing. I had family over last night for Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure everyone commented on how beautiful it was throughout the night. It was also the centerpiece to our feasting table. It’s the perfect stain of wood for our house, and the gold and white just finish it off perfectly. It goes with everything, especially a little greenery. My heart warms every time I see it when I walk in the door.

custom-wood-designs-lady-wood-home-decor-ideas custom-wood-design-home-decor-ideas-southwest-bungalowNow, for the good part! If you’re really interested in getting your OWN custom piece, Heather is starting to take orders. She has officially started a new line of custom wood design, called Lady Wood (which falls under her Heather by Hand shop). As you know, she also does a lot of other custom projects by hand, like calligraphy, water color, retail displays, shelves, and more. If you want to see more, look at her Instagram page. She’s quite the home-maker and traveler. Her little pup, Rudy, is a big part of her brand, too. You’ll never meet a cuter doggy. I’ll be sharing her next piece for us once I hang it in the new nursery;)

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Some things to mention

img_2062 We FINALLY found a church. It’s called Redemption, which is basically the same church we used to go to when we lived here before but a different location.  I also put Jace in flannel to dress him up a little and at breakfast after I couldn’t help thinking how older he looks. Especially with his watch on, just like Daddy.

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What I’m reading

What are you guys reading these days? I’m actually reading a lot. Which is new for me. Instead of keeping my face in my phone at night or on my lunch breaks, I’ve been trying to put it in a book. Here are some of the books I’ve finished thus far or are currently reading. Starting with American Housewife, by Helen Ellis. Such a funny and lighthearted read. I highly recommend it.  I also always have the latest Sunset magazine in my possession. Makes for good reading around the house, too.

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