Pregnancy thoughts

IMG_2737 I think it’s really starting to kick in that we’re going to have another one (pun intended!). Most days I’m moving so fast I don’t get to think about it, but with all the kicks and our 29 week ultrasound this past week, it’s getting real. Jace won’t be our only little one. Am I going to be able to love another as much as I love Jace? I’m so worried about Jace feeling left out or alone or something. He’s so used to getting all the attention and cuddles, and soon we’ll have another in the bed. Jace has been doing good about starting in his big boy bed (crib is officially gone!) at night, but by 2 a.m. he’s sandwiched in between us in our bed. I always wake up before him and end up just staring at him, all creeper style, ha. I’m so uncontrollably sad that he’s going to be 3 in just a few weeks. It’s absolutely horrible how fast time flies by with children. Even though he seems older than he really is, he’s still my baby. He’s scared of things, like windows and dark rooms and hallways. He loves to cuddle in bed and hold hands while watching movies. He gives big kisses and touches your face or arm softly if he accidently hurts you. I know he’ll have the same sweet heart with his brother but my heart breaks at the thought of having to divide my attention between him and another. Maybe it will be easier than I think, especially if I include him every step of the way. I really want to still have one on one time with him after the next one comes, even plan some dates together, just us. I always want to listen to him and talk to him, watch him learn and develop in all the small ways I observe now. Like, when he said he wanted to find his YELLOW bat the other day. He said YELLOW! He’s starting to understand colors. He’s pretty good at identifiying animals and things, but colors and letters have been our focus lately, and it melts my heart when he starts talking about colors on his own. I know I’m all over the place, but I’m super scared of having another one in the mix. It’s exciting, but I’ve been so fixated on Jace face for the last 3 years that it seems almost impossible to open up another part of my heart and soul to another. I hear all that changes once the other one arrices, so we’ll see. For now I’m going to soak up all the alone time with Jace as I can, and just let some tears fall. Damn pregnancy hormones! We’re taking Jace to see the dinosaurs in February (the Cabazon Dinasours), and I’m so excited for another fun getaway with him from the every day routine. Only 10 weeks to go or something like that so I’ll be soaking up every minute I can with Mr. Jace ’til then ..


Giving Joy

January’s Gift for a Friend: Favorite Things

This month I had a little post Christmas gift exchange planned with some of my friends and the theme was Favorite Things for around $20. I’m sure you’ve heard of these parties, where you buy one of your favorite things, and then either do a white elephant or secret santa gift exchange. In my case, we did white elephant, so that means whatever gift you get or steal, it’s one that is near and dear to one of your closest friends. And if they love something, you’re bound to love it just as much or find use for it. Here’s what my favorite thing(s) consisted of, video style! And as you can tell, I couldn’t just pick one thing, it’s sort of a package deal, ha. This gift idea also makes for a great gift for any mom or lady friend that you have that might have a lot going on and just needs to relax. It’s the perfect “relax in a bag” as I like to call it.

Maybe I’ll keep this vlog thing going for every monthly giftie I do. I promise to get more creative with the next one ;)  I was literally trying to get out the door.  After our gift exchange I walked away with quite the domestic bag of favorites: hangers, glass tupperware, cleaning gloves and a frame. Very interesting, but I’m sure I’ll find use for everything.


28 week bumpo!

IMG_2708Well, here you go. 28 weeks baby! Officially in my third trimester! I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I can barely keep up. When he’s not at work or hanging with us, Roberto is busy with school full time (online, thank God) and filming a movie with his Dad; Jace is going a hundred miles a minute and hitting sort of a rebellious stage; and my work load isn’t getting any lighter at work. I don’t even know what day of the week it is, half the time. Major pregnancy brain. I just had to check my BabyCenter app to find out the size of our little baby inside (an eggplant, in case you’re wondering). I definitely am not tracking my progress like I did the first time around, but all the little kicks remind me that I have another on the way. He is moving around like crazy (always a good sign), and my ribs are killing me. My hoo ha’s are enormous (how?! What’s in them?!). Sleeping is not comfortable anymore. I’m not supposed to be sleeping on my back, but somehow always end up on my back. With a headache. Gotta work on that. At home you’ll find me in our lazy boy or rubbing shea butter all over myself, or stuffing my face, hahahaha. My bad junk food cravings have definitely leveled out. I can eat salads and seafood now. As you know I’m trying to cut back on the sugar since I need more protein and iron-filled leafy greans, my Doctor says. And Jace is keeping me active with baseball in our backyard every night. I’m still able to work out at the gym a couple days a week, which makes me feel great. Only 12 weeks to go .. and then we can meet our next little boy. Hope he’s healthy in there and all is going well. I wonder what he’ll look like??? Dimples maybe? I hope so! I sure love feeling him in there and knowing he’s almost to the 3 lb mark.  It’s about to get really real up in here, come March. Aghhhh!


A pillow project

img_2687 Oh, hello there! Thought I’d post another DIY project I tackled recently — pillows! I bought this Florida-bohemian inspired fabric thinking I’d use it for our bar stool cushions we inherited with our house, but ended up loving the natural cushions I discovered underneath the weird fabric covers that I was left with this fairly expensive square yard of fabric. Only $35, but still fairly expensive when you don’t know what to do with it! After a few months of deciding, I went with new pillows for our couch! I used the pillow stuffing from two other old pillows I had in a closet and then hopped on over to my friend Kristin’s house to borrow her sewing machine. We made quite the crafternoon out of it and spent the time chatting it up (and teaching me how to use a sewing machine). I felt like I was in JoAnn’s going through a how-to-sew class. She walked me through everything but then let me do all the dirty work. I just love her and how much patience she had for me!

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Life, Lucy

1 year without Lucy

img_0159One year ago we lost our Lucy, and I’m now just ready to talk about it :(( I’ve never had to put down a dog before; the pain of saying goodbye really shocked me. It changed me. It activated tear ducts I’ve never allowed myself to use before. I wanted more than anything for Lucy to go on her own peacefully. But, so many things started to go downhill with her health, so quickly, that we had to make the decision for her. Which was the worst part I think. I don’t like playing God. Which is why I don’t support the death penalty. The idea of making the decision to end someone’s life, or in my case, my favorite doggy of all time, just rips your heart out. It twists your stomach into knots. It just isn’t right. And then seeing life end. Watching her take her last breath. It’s the absolute worst experience and feeling in the world. You feel like it’s all your fault. If you had only caught the diabetes sooner. Brought her in sooner. If I could only commit to the shots. If I only had the money. If only I made more time for her. But now, a year later, I’m OK with talking about it, and can laugh and rejoice in the 10 years we had with her. The guilt is slowly melting away. She was my first ever dog all to my own (Rob’s, too of course, since he bought her for me). She was my world before Jace and even after, I still loved her so dang much. Even when she growled at me, or nipped or scratched on walls and doors. Or chewed up my underwear or ate her own poop. She had problems from the beginning, but that didn’t phase her. She still survived a pit bull attack, a skin rash, UTIs, chocolate truffles, cherry eyes, horrible hair cuts, a broken tail, getting lost in our neighborhood, chewing through a fiberoptic Christmas tree.. and so much more.

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