Jace Face Friday is backkkk

Snapped this shot of Jace at Rob’s basketball game 2 weeks ago. Guess he’s too cool to sit with Mom. But he’s also really into watching Daddy play ball, and yells “Daddy!” from across the gym .. just to tell him that the buzzer hurts his ears and that he hates it >D Jace so wants to get out there and play. One day!


Walker Wednesdays

Rob insisted I start Walker Wednesdays and bring back Jace Face Fridays. Now that I’m trying to blog more I just might! Or at least try ;) so, here’s my little Walker. On Wednesdays he’s only a half day at his daycare so he and I are usually work buddies in the afternoon. Last Wednesday he decided to not nap at all so he just played with toys nonstop and pulled at my legs for the afternoon. And always with a smile, coaxing me to just play hooky. But seriously, how can I resist that face?

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30 week baby bump + a mani

In case I haven’t really said it – I’m pregnant again and now 30 weeks along already! I may have thought my second pregnancy was a whirlwind but this one is taking the cake. Well, first off, we weren’t really planning for this one, it was a total oopsie on our part. After the first pregnancy test I took in September, the first words out of my mouth were literally What. The. f%#k. But as the weeks went on and the morning sickness faded, we started accepting the inevitable and started envisioning what a three-kid household would look like. Like, we’re going to have to squeeze another crib into our 2-bedroom California rental, and trade our sporty 4Runner in for something that fits 3 car seats (yes, that means a van for me). And above all, just 3 months after having Walker I’d have to do the pregnancy thing all over again, with the back and rib pain, roids and indigestion. All the annoying things I was so happy to have behind me were here all over again. But with every surprise life throws you, there is still so much good to overcome it. Like the fact that I’m hella fertile, and Rob is super hyper, if ya know what I mean. Obviously the romance is still there ;) And there must be a reason God keeps blessing us, as we seem to take on parenting in an optimistic way and do a great job of loving the crap out of our babies so, really, what’s one more? Nothing but bring more love into this house and more memories to make. And also, it’s another BOY, so now I feel warm in my heart knowing we’ll have a little brotherhood within our house. Boys for life! And for me, I’m eating everything in sight. Mainly peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and chocolate ice-cream … And occasionally something healthy because my doctor says my iron is low.  I guess I don’t gain a lot from French toast and pizza as I would some leafy greens and red meat. But hey, this isn’t my first rodeo. I try to cover all the basics the best I can. Last thing, we’ve picked a name already and I can’t wait to see him and share it out with the masses. 10 weeks to go, a lot more growing to do (ugh) and a lot still to prep ..in the meantime I’ll be enjoying his little kicks and bops, and obsessing over his ultrasound pictures.

P.S. I’m convinced that gel manicures make everything better. There is nothing I can’t conquer in life or in a week without one. Sounds silly but it’s true for me for some reason. I should really be saving for Paris or Ireland or these kids’ college funds, but for some reason a gel mani is what I need to get through the pregnancy ups and downs. And maybe my monthly Birchbox ;) who’s with me?!

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Party favor idea for Kids: trucker hats!

When Jace’s last day came around at his daycare, I wanted to make sure he had something to leave behind to remind them of him. So I brought some otter pops for all to “stay cool” and these little toddler-size pineapple trucker hats for all to keep as a reminder of their friend Jace.  I found them on Etsy of course and ordered just about every color available, just to make sure we had enough options for all the kids. Jace picked red for himself and even to this day, months after giving these to his friends in AZ, it’s still holding up, even after a wash. Great quality and size and obviously made well. We sure do miss our old daycare and the friends, especially Veronica! But hopefully when they see a pineapple they think of Mr. Jace :)


B’Gosh, Baby Walker!

Our Great Grandma Margie found these Baby B’Gosh osh gosh bgosh denim overalls at an antique store in Soquel before Jace was born and I’ve held on to them ever since. Jace only wore them a couple times, like the time Heather sent us a few blanket back-ups! And now 10-month old Walker fits into them and he’s stealing our hearts. So happy and smiley he is, and such a goof. We are so enjoying this stage all over again, you’d never think he was breaking 3 new teeth. He looks a little like a hill billy with his random gaping teethies and now these overalls, but we love it.  Even when he spoils a perfectly good photo shoot with a monstrous poop >D

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