Jace Face Friday

I think it’s about time I bring this back, right?! Right! This was the other day, on our way to a friend’s house for a birthday party. He’s got his watch on. His hat. His shades. His dried mango strips. His shoes. His ice water. His blanket. His girly car seat (hey, it was free from a family friend!). His long blonde locks. His tank top to show the muscles off. He’s ready to party. #jaceface


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The Florida Room Style Board Challenge

I’ve found myself spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately .. when Insta and Facebook get a little overwhelming, I take a break and head on over to Pinterest to chill out. It doesn’t stress me out, it just inspires! Pinterest is known for that, and has stayed pretty true to their original game plan (aside from the now sponsored and suggested posts, which I oddly don’t mind). And I also find myself making new connections with people I never thought possible! Recently, Douglas Elliman asked me to participate in their Florida Room style board challenge. I myself do not live in Florida, nor do I have a Florida Room (or what we tend to call an Arizona room here in these parts), but nonetheless, I can still day dream, right?! As part of the challenge, I was asked to personalize a style board around how I would design or decorate a Florida room if I had one, and provide any tips and tricks along the way. What I like about Pinterest is you don’t have to be a licensed interior designer to put together ideas  and design elements, you simply have to have a vision! So, here goes .. Right off the bat I know my dream Florida room would be a mix between a beach bungalow and a southwest patio. Bright and happy, where summer lives all year long. You can see my full board on Pinterest, but in the meantime, here are some of my staples (or tips have you:

  • Windows. Lots of windows. But more importantly, Bahama shutters. They’re so southern and beachy! Would also settle for some plantation shutters or wicker roman shades.
  • Foliage all over, with a variety of tropical leafage and even a cactus here or there. Might as well as embrace the heat and humidity at this point!
  • Coral. I would love this color to accent wherever possible. A door, a wall, some vases. Anything, my Florida room has to own this color.
  • Comfy couches. Give me a sectional, some wicker furniture with fluffy cushions to lounge on and I’d be set. Preferably white, so all the colors around me really pop.
  • Statment rug. There are so many to choose from, this detail would definitely take some time. It’s gotta be perfect, and encompass all the right colors.
  • Wood. Whether it’s a custom art piece, a Bob Marley quote, or just a bunch of wood stacked up, I have to have a woodsy element. Distressed. White washed. Ocean washed. Whatever, I’ll take it all.
  • Bar and bikes. My Florida room must have a great bar cart, as well as a beach cruiser near by to jump on. Truly what the easy life is about if you ask me!
  • Directional signs. These are such eye candy to me! I think I’d always feel like I was on vacation if I had these in my Florida room.
  • Last but not least .. wait for it .. a surfboard! Also love all the colors paired with this one. And dang it. Now I think I need a cattle skull, haha.

Again, for more on my Florida Room Style Board, check out my full ‘Florida Room’ Pinterest Board below. Now that I’ve started pinning, I don’t think I can stop! Thank you Douglas Elliman for including me in your challenge. Had a blast day-dreaming about my beachy, yet very Arizonan, Florida Room!

For continued inspiration check out some of these gorgeous Florida properties!

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Jack & Winn Snapbacks

Jack & Winn Snapbacks Hat for toddlers
I came across the most wonderful thing the other day on Brickyard Buffalo == Jack & Winn Baby/Toddler/Child snapbacks!! Not sure what a snapback is? Well, you’re not alone. I just recently learned the term, believe it or not. This song will help. Anyway .. I ordered the grey hat for Jace and have seriously been in love ever since. It’s ridiculously perfect. Can’t. handle. the. cuteness. Jack & Winn, you make some darling little boy hats. Heck, they’re even fun for little girls! The little tomboy that I was would have loved a snapback in my heyday. Might need to get this black one for him next, since Jace is SUPER into wearing hats. He loves them. Well, for now, enjoy these #jaceface pics! ;)

Jack & Winn Baby Toddler Child SnapBacks

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My view lately

thumb_IMG_0700_1024 Well, hello. How are you? Me… Well, I’ve been soaking up the Arizona life these days, for what it’s worth! Somehow I’ve made myself very busy again. But I don’t mind .. the weather is nice, it’s good to keep Jace active and about .. and my view lately, no matter how I look at it, is pretty awesome. Life is good, and so is God! I’ve been up to a lot, and I’d love to share.

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Easter Morning

thumb_IMG_0737_1024 Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Our little family had truly a wonderful Easter Sunday. Such a special day in our hearts and all that more enjoyable to rejoice with family. Easter morning we surprised Jace with his basket, then headed over to my parent’s house for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Somehow I didn’t get any family shots in. Typical me, right? The only person I tend to capture is Mr. Jace these days. But I guess I should get us in some pictures sooner or later! Next time ;) My mom had an amazing feast prepared for us. The ham was mouth-watering good — I don’t know if it was the glaze or cooking time, but it was life changing. Biscuits and gravy, over easy eggs, the whole thang. Jace of course made out like a bandit. And this was only at one Grandparent’s house. Later we hopped on over to Rob’s family’s house for another feast and egg hunt. So much fun! Until next time, God bless!  Continue Reading