Jace Face Friday

Sensitive soul

Dear Jace, I love your sensitive soul. Your love for attention and snuggles on the couch. I love that you did dishes on your own the other day and asked me to put on a song like Me. I love that you want to be a Daddy. Like your Daddy, and do magic tricks and go to the gym. I love that you love pillow forts. Probably because it means you get to snuggle right between us. Your passionate, stubborn heart is going to be a wild ride for us but one I would never trade. I love you.

Walker Wednesday

Free spirit

Dear walker, I love your spirit. I love your happiness. I love your smirks, your obsession with food, your hi and bye waves and the cute way you drink water and always seem to choke on it. You’re the perfect mix of trouble and sweetness. Trouble enough to tackle Jace and sweet enough to kiss Callen on the head.

Jace Face Friday

Big bro Jace

Jace requests to hold Callen multiple times in the day, which is so nice since it also requires he wash his hands! Callen loves it and often smiles and even starts to giggle when he sees Jace’s face. I think we have another one stage 5 clinger! Sweetest big bro ever.

Activities for Kids, Lake Tahoe

Bird calling

Also while in Tahoe this summer, the boys were really into making bird calls. We thought they did an awesome job!! So cute and a video we definitely wanted to save from our trip. We spent a lot of time on this patio at our Airbnb and in the back yard. Pretty sure the neighbors hated us.