About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m happy, he’s funny, and this is an account of our adventures and a place to “Cher Joy”.

A little bit about us: Rob and I met in high school, forever ago. I really liked his calf muscles. He liked my platinum blonde hair and tan limbs.  In those years following high school, we had a lot of growing up to do. Together. There were some growing pains, but always greatness. With God in our hearts, we’ve always chosen each other. We’ve learned what it means to be good friends and supportive partners. But most of all, we have a total blast together. We got married in the Spring of 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona, and since then have pursued careers, added two pups, traveled, moved to California, vacationed with families, enjoyed old and new friends, welcomed a baby boy (Jace), and now are back in Arizona, ready for what life has in store for us next.


If that’s not enough, here are 50 more things about us.  Thanks again for following along and I hope we can chat!