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April’s Gift for a Friend: Goodbye & Good Luck Sister!

My sister is moving to California next month so I thought I’d do something extra special for her to get her in the Cali groove, including some new shades I know she’s been eyeing for quite some time now and a new girl-power tank to get her pysched out for her new work territory. Just a couple things to make her feel excited and uber-confident about her new job and adventure. Love you, Pam! I will miss you but know you’re going to love that ocean air, and more quality time with your honey! ;) See you soon. (I can’t believe I used “uber” in a sentence!)

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March’s gift for a friend: a drop-in brunch bag on a Spring day

IMG_3210 For March I decided to do a little drop-in to see a friend’s Mom. It’d been way too long since I’d stopped over to say hi, plus they had a new puppy that I wanted to get my hands on! Since Spring is in full swing in these parts, I thought to bring brunch over, Trader Joe’s style. I stopped for some pretty sunflowers (of course), cold-brewed coffee, an almond danish, sparkling lemonade and .. last but not least, doggy treats for their new puppy, Jax! Then I delivered it in a fun grocery bag they could keep for all their future trips to Trader ;)

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We had such a nice time catching up and hanging out in their backyard garden. They even put on Spiderman for Jace and served us some cookies and milk! What a beautiful Spring morning to visit and hear all their updates. When you can’t see your Californian best friend, it helps to see her through her momma’s face. Love her dearly and love my far friend.

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February’s Gift for a Friend: A heart attack

IMG_2938I got my February gift out for a friend just in time for her Valentine’s Day weekend with her honey! I saw this thing online where you give someone a “heart attack” either with cookies or chocolate, but in my case, I just rolled my gifts into the theme. And I’m also a HUGE fan of Bookshop Santa Cruz’s Blind Dates with a book, so I copied that, too, and found her a love story that I think she’d really like (and maybe if she loves it, I’ll borrow it and read it, too!).  And I never realized how mouse-like my voice sounds, so please try to ignore it! It’s so annoying! Hopefully this inspires you to do something special next year around this time for someone you care about!

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January’s Gift for a Friend: Favorite Things

This month I had a little post Christmas gift exchange planned with some of my friends and the theme was Favorite Things for around $20. I’m sure you’ve heard of these parties, where you buy one of your favorite things, and then either do a white elephant or secret santa gift exchange. In my case, we did white elephant, so that means whatever gift you get or steal, it’s one that is near and dear to one of your closest friends. And if they love something, you’re bound to love it just as much or find use for it. Here’s what my favorite thing(s) consisted of, video style! And as you can tell, I couldn’t just pick one thing, it’s sort of a package deal, ha. This gift idea also makes for a great gift for any mom or lady friend that you have that might have a lot going on and just needs to relax. It’s the perfect “relax in a bag” as I like to call it.

Maybe I’ll keep this vlog thing going for every monthly giftie I do. I promise to get more creative with the next one ;)  I was literally trying to get out the door.  After our gift exchange I walked away with quite the domestic bag of favorites: hangers, glass tupperware, cleaning gloves and a frame. Very interesting, but I’m sure I’ll find use for everything.

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The Daddy in our house + Father’s Day Gift Guide

IMG_5807I had so much fun shopping for Father’s Day (again) this year!! Rob is probably the easier person to buy for but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be creative! Here were my Father’s Day gift finds for Roberto this year:

“Daddy” Since 2014 T-Shirt — before Jace was even a concept, Rob has always called himself “Daddy”. Daddy’s hungry. Daddy like-y. Daddy wants a beer. Get the picture. So when I saw this shirt in Etsy land, I had to get it. Plus, it ships ridiculously fast and the quality is great.

Photo Mug — I’m pretty sure this is going to be an every year kind of a thing. We love relaxing in the morning with a cup of jo and drink a lot of it. This year I used Snapfish to customize a photo mug with pictures from Jace’s 1st birthday. It was perfect.

Beef Jerky & Whiskey Nuts — Need I say more? Cost Plus World Market. Delicious.

18 Holes of Golf — if you don’t golf, at least book a tee time for your man and send him away! Fortunately, I love to play golf so I tagged along and picked a course out aways from the cement city we live in.

After the gift session we ate mini waffles with Jace and watched as he proceeded to put syrup in his hair. It was the best morning with the Daddy in our house. Pretty sure Rob was on cloud nine. All. weekend. long. Ha. Plus, Jace learned how to cheers! this past weekend, too. So cute.

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