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30 in Kauai, Kauai

Vintage hawaii

We picked the BEST day for our vintage hawaii day in Kauai. We spent the whole day just relaxing on the beach, sipping mai tais and pina coladas and going for dips in the ocean. This was EXACTLY what I wanted to do for my birthday. Just lounge, listen to the waves, smell the heavenly Hawaiian air, and soak in time with my sister. The perfect birthday gift if you ask me. This day will go down as one of the happiest days of my life. I love these two people so much. I was pretty pleased with our suits and accessories for my vintage beach theme, too. And, I LOVED my bathing suit. LOVED IT.

Then we got a little silly. Hahahaha.

I spent the afternoon writing notes to friends on vintage postcards. The perfect end to a perfect birthday.

Giving Joy

Giving joy from hawaii

Olomana Orchids invites you to pick out your very own Hawaiian-grown orchid, and then they FedEx it to you, 2 days later! I had a special friend in mind to send this Hawaiian joy to, so we perused all the pretty variations of orchids and picked out the PERFECT one. Next time you’re on Oahu, consider sending a friend {or yourself!} a hand-picked orchid. It’s worth the $12 in shipping!

30 in Kauai

Vote for ’30 in Hawaii’ theme

Hi friends! Time to help me pick which theme. Please look these over and leave a comment with your vote:

Check this post later this week to see which wins!

. . .

Well, I’ve taken the votes into consideration and also my own, and have decided on . . . VINTAGE HAWAII with a side of Chic! Excited to start planning in 2013!

30 in Kauai

30 in Hawaii, last theme

Here’s the last one: Beachy chic

{Photo credits via my inspiration board on Pinterest}

Imagine a suitcase of beach chic items: white & lace everything, floppy beach hats, chunky necklaces, dangles, and island sandals. A stylish birthday on the beach and a wardrobe/look I could definitely re-purpose when we get back to California. Hmmmm…
I’ll let you have a think on all these and we’ll vote/reconvene next week. If you’re at all interested in helping me choose that is!