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The Summer To Do list

At the start of summer we decided to plan out a monster to-do list for our little family, filled with new and old things we like to do. But looking back a lot of time was spent at our little rental house here in the Cruz, playing on the patio, making pillow forts, having balloon parties, picking blackberries on our street and riding bikes in the neighborhood. Continue Reading

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Officially closing out the summer

img_1622 Well, I’m going to say it. Summer is long over! We’re officially into October in these parts and I couldn’t be more excited. I am so ready to bring out my fall colors and bake something with spice. Even picked up some pumpkin-spice bagels. But I also don’t want to forget the last few memories of summer.  In August I was able to go back to Santa Cruz to see who else but my bestie, Heather. It was of course another wonderful weekend of catching up and seeing friends and enjoying the beautiful, cool weather under the redwoods. She definitely spoiled me with breakfast and a comfy bed, some bubbly and a wicked spread of delicious food to enjoy with friends. I also got a righteous sunburn from hanging in Capitola one afternoon. It was so worth it if you ask me. Man do I miss her, and all my good friends there. I’m so glad it worked out for me to go back a couple times this summer. I always have a relaxing, enjoyable time. We also started that show, Stranger Things. Have you all seen this?! So good, but not the best thing to watch when you’re a bunch of girls alone in the woods, haha.

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Fort wood

IMG_1195 Well I just got back from the most relaxing weekend ever. At FORD WOOD, my best friend, Heather’s, new home under the redwoods. It’d been a year since I’d been back to Santa Cruz, so I was looking forward to getting back to my roots and catching up with friends. Good friends. Truly the best if you ask me. Heather was the most perfect host. She set up her little guest house for me with fresh sheets, toiletries and flowers, even some water for my bedside. It was my little sanctuary away from home. Here were some of my favorite moments from the weekend . . .

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A holiday dinner at the Cremer House

Last weekend we went to the new Cremer House in Felton for a little Christmas dinner with good friends. It was the most perfect place for dinner for the holiday with friends, and we had heard great things. Built by Thomas Cremer in 1874, The Cremer House is the oldest building in downtown Felton. For many years it functioned as the Grand Central Hotel, a restaurant, bar, and boarding house. And now it’s come alive once again and has attracted quite the crowd. Only open for dinner right now, the line starts pretty early. Thankfully, we got there right at open. Their coffee BBQ wings, chicken pot-pie and turkey meatloaf are to-die-for. They also have fried chicken, apple cider donuts {heaven} and serve Vertigo coffee from San Juan Bautista. It’s cozy, romantic and delicious. And I almost forgot about the beer. The beer! Yes, they have beer and plenty of it. Go for the full tasting. So many good things to say. I really can’t wait to go back.



{heated patio seating.}


{We’ve learned to entertain and distract the little one while out to dinner. Such a task!}



{Jace & his Auntie Heater}


{Thanks for such a lovely dinner friend! Had so much fun. I’m sorry I ate all of your donuts.}
Felton, Jace

Morning in Felton

This past Sunday we met up with friends in Felton for breakfast at Rocky’s Cafe — one of our favorite breakfast spots! Because we were going to Felton, I put a little flannel on Jace. And what do you do with a baby in a flannel in the Redwoods?? You take a million pictures. Hahahahaha

{Can’t get enough of that butt!}



{Family shot! Little boy is already growing out of his jeans, ha.}



{Our little lumberjack!}