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The Summer To Do list

At the start of summer we decided to plan out a monster to-do list for our little family, filled with new and old things we like to do. But looking back a lot of time was spent at our little rental house here in the Cruz, playing on the patio, making pillow forts, having balloon parties, picking blackberries on our street and riding bikes in the neighborhood. Continue Reading

Activities for Kids, Phoenix

Summer things not to forget

Just realized that this was still in my post queue, and crazy delayed at this point, but I’m still going to post it because I don’t want to lose the memories!!! With summer comes Father’s Day, birthdays, pool days and 120 weather. Yup. 120 degrees. No joke. As soon as June hit we started stalking out the best pools to go to (like at the Buttes!) and wearing as little clothing as possible when not in the A/C.

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How We’re Staying Cool

Man has it been hot this summer. I can’t stress enough how unbearable it’s been. On the weekend I sip my coffee in my blow up pool on my back patio. Just to be outside because I can’t handle being inside all day. But fighting through it is definitely doable. How does one stay cool around here you ask?! Here are some ideas for any fellow Arizonans who want to get the kids out of the house (or even yourself!) but stay cool.

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Activities for Kids, Phoenix

The Teapot

The-teapot-phoenix-arizonaThis past Sunday I went to the most darling coffee house in the Roosevelt district in Phoenix, called The Teapot. We know the owners, Jon and Rae, from years ago .. and I must tell you, I think it’s our new favorite hang out! As soon as you walk in, Jon welcomes you with a cheery “ELLO” (in his friendly british accent) and a smile. He makes a point to say hello to your little one, too (which us Mommas really appreciate).  You take a step in and see play nooks, and toys and drawing tables all around — beautiful, simplistic seating for meet cutes, and in case the place wasn’t cute enough, they went ahead and threw in succulent centerpieces to finish off the cuteness. Their menu consists of home-made, English-inspired plates (in which his mother-in-law bakes and delivers fresh), including refreshing salads, savory quiches and fluffy scones .. I ordered the raspberry coconut scone with a side of cream and it was to-die-for, but not as good as the crowd’s favorite = their highly sought after vanilla iced latte! Very popular amongst the mommy folk I hear .. ;)  Seriously amazing, and so refreshing. The most marvelous coffee you’ll ever taste (better than Dutch Bros, and that’s hard to beat in my mind). Anyways, back to my story .. I met my friend Kristin for a very early breakfast date. 8am to be exact, just as they opened their front doors. The best part of this family-friendly coffee house?! Their back patio!  Continue Reading

Activities for Kids, Phoenix

So this happened the other day.

IMG_1104We rode a camel!! And because we had little James with us (thanks Sarah for getting us in with your awesome annual membership!), Jace wasn’t scared at all. He got right on and just smiled away. Such a fun day at the Phx Zoo ..  splash pads, monkeys, sea otters, a tiger up close, giraffes, kettle corn .. and best of all, the camel! I made sure to thank him for letting us ride him. Poor guy is continents away from his real home!


The boys playing in the splash zone! IMG_1102