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The waiting game

Still no baby over here, but definitely some contractions on and off. Little boy is sitting so low, right between my now widened hips.  Things gotta be getting ready down there. Or else I wouldn’t hurt so much and feel what I’m feeling. How I’m still functioning at this point I really don’t know. I’m such a zombie right now, moving from one mess to another, only for it to be a mess again 5 minutes later. We spent the entire weekend prepping for baby #3. Nothing like last minute, right? Picked up the 3rd car seat on Friday, as well as a crib. Just ordered the crib mattress and some other odds and ends.  Packed our hospital bag, stocked up on diapers, cleaned and caught up on laundry, moved furniture around, made some good meals at home. Did a lot of walking at Costco, soaked in a good message at church and played outside with the boys as much as possible. I keep moving because it helps take my mind off the fact that the small cramps I’m feeling are going to turn into big cramps soon enough and we’re going to have to rush to the hospital to get the party started for a third time. I can’t wait to see him though. I want more than anything for this pregnancy to be over with so he can be on the outside world with us and we can all start adjusting together. But most of all, I just want to make sure he is healthy, and pray that all goes well to get him out safely. Well, my eyes are burning so I guess I should get my glasses on, roll some Night serum on my eyes, eat an ice cream sandwich, start the dishwasher and go try to get comfortable on my bed. Who knows, maybe something will kick in officially tonight! Fingers crossed. Otherwise tomorrow is life as usual until this boy decides to make his appearance.

Cheryl, Pregnancy

37 weeks with #3

I’ve been living in this Sonnet James Sample Sale dress for weeks now. I wear it. Wash it. And put in on. And then do it all over again. It’s so soft and stretchy. I just hope it doesn’t stretch out too much from my big 37 week baby belly! But gosh, I’m at the end basically. It’s been a crazy year when I look back. These last almost 9 months have flown by living back in Cali and so much adjusting and change for all of us. Walker was walking by 11 months, Jace started preschool, I started a work from home gig, Rob is taking on online school, ACE training and a commute over the hill to work .. lots of exciting things for our extended family too, like a movie release for my father-in-law, college graduation for my sis-in-law, my sister getting pregnant and engaged, friends getting pregnant and coming up my Dad turns 60! 6-0! And now it’s almost go time for our third. I have a list of items I still need to order, we need to pick up a crib from some friends, make daycare decisions, and figure out maternity leave. Just feeling slightly overwhelmed, can you tell? But I’m close to my end. It hurts to sleep, it hurts to walk. My back throbs. I can’t reach my toes and I can’t slow down. #3 is definitely different from #1. I don’t remember the last time I even sat down to watch something I wanted to watch. Or stayed up for something other than dishes and lunch packing. I think my universe will feel a lot better – my body for sure – once this little man is on the outside world. Until then, I’ll be rubbing bio oil all over my stretching sides and pushing through each day with my swollen ankles. 

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Mom in progress

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t keep my cool lately, and it’s eating me up inside. Every morning I’m stressed with getting our life together and out the door on time. I’m quick to irritate and lose my patience. I dare say I have quite the temper these days. When it takes me asking Jace 5 times to do something before I have to use my stern, mean, mom voice or when he decides to have a meltdown in the most inopportune time when I really need us to get situated in or out of the van, is when I blow my lid. Continue Reading

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Update on my reading: Outlander

At first I couldn’t put this one down. I immediately was drawn to the time period(s) and strong willed, leading female fole, as well as the men in her life and how the story began to unravel, but soon it got too repetitive for me. The constant sex, the same damsel in distress over and over again, the slightly unbelievable plot line; I don’t know, it just couldn’t sustain my interest. Really great writing overall but ultimately I had to retire it half way through. As well as the other adjoining book to this series .. might as well ditch that one too if I can’t even finish this one. I hear it’s been turned into a show though, so maybe I’ll give that a whirl when I’m on maternity leave. For now I’m starting my next book: The Zookeeper’s Wife.