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Jace Face Friday

Jace Face Friday

Sensitive soul

Dear Jace, I love your sensitive soul. Your love for attention and snuggles on the couch. I love that you did dishes on your own the other day and asked me to put on a song like Me. I love that you want to be a Daddy. Like your Daddy, and do magic tricks and go to the gym. I love that you love pillow forts. Probably because it means you get to snuggle right between us. Your passionate, stubborn heart is going to be a wild ride for us but one I would never trade. I love you.

Jace Face Friday

Big bro Jace

Jace requests to hold Callen multiple times in the day, which is so nice since it also requires he wash his hands! Callen loves it and often smiles and even starts to giggle when he sees Jace’s face. I think we have another one stage 5 clinger! Sweetest big bro ever.

Jace Face Friday

A hot chocolate coffee date.

On our last morning in Tahoe, I was up early getting the kitchen in our AirbNB cleaned up and our breakfast bagel fixins ready and instead of sleeping in, Jace got up with me. I poured myself a cup of hot coffee with cream,  made him his coffee (which he calls his hot chocolate coffee) and we played some music on the back patio and had coffee talk together. And I have to say, I think it was my favorite part of the trip. Alone time with Jace just talking about bears and dreams and how much we love the lake.

Jace Face Friday

“I miss the weekend”

On Monday night Jace looked up at me and said “I miss the weekend.” Don’t we all sweetheart! He’s only 4 and he already knows so much about life hahaha. Jace could play and snuggle and snack and veg all day every day if he could. But then, what would weekends be for!! He also loves beach days and we had a pretty awesome one just this past weekend. He wanted to be buried like 10 times, and run from the waves all day.

Jace Face Friday, Pregnancy

Strike a pose

Why Jace wants to pose like this for our family photo at the Palo Alto Jr Museum and Zoo last weekend I’ll never know. I believe this was before he starting itching his butt in public hahahahaha. I see so much of Robby in him, and I love it.