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The baby sleep swing

Lately little Jace has been fighting the mid-day nap. He likes to stay awake for as long as he can. When it gets to nap time, he usually starts smiling and talking {more like babbling}. He doesn’t like the swaddle in the middle of the day. He doesn’t like the rocking chair. So, we created a swing out of a cozy couch blanket and swung him until he got sleepy enough to cuddle. Once he gets comfy, he usually likes one of us to breathe on his face. Which I weirdly love to do, hahahaha. Oh, well. At least we’re weird together. And it worked, because he went down for a nap! Success!

{Perfect picture of our smiley, not wanting to nap baby boy}
{I love his little body form at the bottom, hahaha}
{Where’s Jace?!}
{OK, so maybe I wanted to take a nap, too ;)}
beach house, Food

The Dexter breakfast

We’ve been catching up Dexter in the evenings to wind down and the opening credits get us every time. It is the best intro I think ever created for a series. Not only does it fit the theme of the show perfectly, but it also makes the breakfast look so delectable, while deadly. It had us mesmerized once again so we went out and got all the ingredients for a Dexter breakfast and went to work. Oh, and we did this on Mother’s Day. It was just what I wanted — a lot of meat and protein!

What you’ll need:
– Eggs {over easy with some salt, pepper & tabasco sauce}
– Blood oranges
– Ham steak {we grilled up some bacon, too}
– Coffee, French press style {grind your beans!}
beach house, Jace, Rob

Father & son selfies

When my first day back to work came around, we had a two week window before Jace could start at his daycare, so Rob took two more weeks of paternity to stay home with the little guy. I was sad to leave them every day, but I felt better knowing they were having a blast together. Every day I would get a Rob & Jace selfie. Or, I would just get a Jace selfie. Every time my phone would light up at work my heart skipped a million beats to see what kind of picture was waiting for me. I get these kind of pictures now from my daycare lady, but these below will remain in my heart forever — Jace in his Nike onesies, sleep tents, big smiles, sleepy cheeks. I could just eat both of their faces.







Aptos, beach house

Our upstairs patio

Yes, Spring is in the air, but even better, my upstairs patio is in bloom! The same blooms I saw in Sonoma last year with my Mom for her birthday {!}. They smell amazing and I’m still trying to figure out what they are. I took a chair up and read my book while little boy slept. It was lovely. Spring just got more fabulous around here.







{not to mention my Jasmine is in full bloom, too. Heaven.}
beach house, Family

Grandpa & Grandma Joy

Our next set of visitors were my parents – Grandma & Grandpa Joy ;) It was so wonderful having them here. But, I think I already said that somewhere, ha. They did everything under the sun for us, and spoiled us with delicious meals every night, meals to eat later,  breakfast every day, freshly squeezed Arizona orange juice, car washes, hours of yard work, cleaned carpets, babysitting and lemon pie. We got in a lot of quality time and Jace lots of snuggles and activities. We simply passed Jace around all day, it was so much fun! I really appreciated all the things they took care of for us. Thank you so much, Mom & Dad!






{the California sunshine looks good on my parents;)}


{my Dad carrying the diaper bag — too cute}


{Jace loved listening to the waves in Capitola; put him right to sleep!}


{my Dad and Jace . . watching my Dad’s favorite channel: the weather channel}
{my favorite activity for visitors – feeding Jace!}