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The Happiest Baby on the Block

Oh, Walker. What a happy baby you are. How did we get so lucky? I was so worried my second born would be collicky or fussy, compared to our angel first born (Jace), but he has proven to be quite the opposite.  Aside from still getting up once a night, he is so happy, and always smiling. Even when he wakes up  in the middle of night he’s smiling at you. He smiles way more than Jace did. It’s so cool to see how different your children are, and I’ve seen it so much with Walker. He’s slightly more quiet than Jace was, more observant. Unless it’s the day he’s had shots at the doctor, or a bad poopy in the diaper, you’ll find him smiling, staring into your eyes, and touching your face. And boy does he laugh!! Huge, baby belly laughs! And always at Jace! And I just know he’s going to be walking before one. This boy is quiet, but active. He’ll be across the room before you can even glance! Walker, thanks for being so happy. I think it might be because I let you sleep in my bed though! hehe Happy 6 months my not so little Walkman! Stop outgrowing everything you wear you big boy! We love you so much it hurts. And we love how your sweetness is contagious.

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Jace’s Baby Walker

Jace has been cracking me up lately. And also melting my heart. At church last week, the ladies in Jace’s Sunday school class let him take home the baby he’d been playing with, which he had named “Baby Walker.” And ever since, it’s been his favorite little companion around the house. He’s quite the motherly type .. changing his diaper when I change Walker’s, he entertains him by playing with him, puts him in the boba, rocks him to sleeps, shhhhhs him, feeds him, bathes him … even BREASTFEEDS him. hahahahaha So funny. I had to remind him that boys don’t have milk in their boobs >D


Walker at 2 months

My Walker baby is 2 months already!  And Oh my god! I love him so much! He’s smiling like crazy and babbling all the time. He’s staying more awake during the day and sleeping more at night, at least for a longer stretch in the beginning. He’s got a little cradle cap that we’re trying to doctor up and take care. Other than that, he’s 16.5lbs of loooooove. He loves to sleep and be rocked on his side, and he loves our bed (my fault!). He’s a master at breastfeeding and has the cutest toes. And bless his little heart, he sure does tolerate Jace’s constant love and attention and poking and hugging and holding and petting >DD I think they’ll be close brothers, once Walker knows who Jace is, hahaha. I just can’t get enough of Walker and stare at him all day long, even when he’s sleeping. His little rolls and triple chins are amazing. They also require a lot of cleaning! Also, don’t ever put coconut oil on a baby to help with dry skin. The next day it will smell like BARF. His fussiness is evening out and I’m far more in tune with his needs and how to entertain and soothe him. Now Rob just needs to get more practice ;)

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This little soft cotton chicken print sleeper is one of my favorites, and now both of my boys have worn it! My little red-head brunette and my blondie. I seriously can’t.even.handle.the.cuteness. XXXXX


Walker’s first bath

IMG_3422 Of course, I had to document!!! This time around we knew to put a couple warm wash clothes on his belly, and he was a happy camper, and with every bath since! Such a little sweetie. And Jace loves to help, too. Saving for the baby books!

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