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jaceface, Scottsdale

Jace. Face. FRIDAY.


It’s going to hit 120 this weekend people. 120!!! How is that even possible?! One thing us Arizonans are good at is complaining about the heat. So, I’m complaining. It’s what we do I guess. Well, I know where I’ll be all weekend. IN THE POOL!!!! WITH JACE FACE!!! :))) I hope it’s cooler where you are!


Jace Face Friday

I think it’s about time I bring this back, right?! Right! This was the other day, on our way to a friend’s house for a birthday party. He’s got his watch on. His hat. His shades. His dried mango strips. His shoes. His ice water. His blanket. His girly car seat (hey, it was free from a family friend!). His long blonde locks. His tank top to show the muscles off. He’s ready to party. #jaceface