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Greenery Baby Shower at Garage East

This past weekend I had the honor of putting on a baby shower for one of my best friends in the world – Miss Moon! Along with her other good friends and her Mama, we wanted to shower her with so much cuteness and details that she couldn’t stand it. The theme was mainly green and white, with traces of gold and geometric shapes. I found this greenery invitation on Etsy and the inspiration sort of just flowed from there.

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Update on my reading: Outlander

At first I couldn’t put this one down. I immediately was drawn to the time period(s) and strong willed, leading female fole, as well as the men in her life and how the story began to unravel, but soon it got too repetitive for me. The constant sex, the same damsel in distress over and over again, the slightly unbelievable plot line; I don’t know, it just couldn’t sustain my interest. Really great writing overall but ultimately I had to retire it half way through. As well as the other adjoining book to this series .. might as well ditch that one too if I can’t even finish this one. I hear it’s been turned into a show though, so maybe I’ll give that a whirl when I’m on maternity leave. For now I’m starting my next book: The Zookeeper’s Wife.

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30 week baby bump + a mani

In case I haven’t really said it – I’m pregnant again and now 30 weeks along already! I may have thought my second pregnancy was a whirlwind but this one is taking the cake. Well, first off, we weren’t really planning for this one, it was a total oopsie on our part. After the first pregnancy test I took in September, the first words out of my mouth were literally What. The. f%#k. But as the weeks went on and the morning sickness faded, we started accepting the inevitable and started envisioning what a three-kid household would look like. Like, we’re going to have to squeeze another crib into our 2-bedroom California rental, and trade our sporty 4Runner in for something that fits 3 car seats (yes, that means a van for me). And above all, just 3 months after having Walker I’d have to do the pregnancy thing all over again, with the back and rib pain, roids and indigestion. All the annoying things I was so happy to have behind me were here all over again. But with every surprise life throws you, there is still so much good to overcome it. Like the fact that I’m hella fertile, and Rob is super hyper, if ya know what I mean. Obviously the romance is still there ;) And there must be a reason God keeps blessing us, as we seem to take on parenting in an optimistic way and do a great job of loving the crap out of our babies so, really, what’s one more? Nothing but bring more love into this house and more memories to make. And also, it’s another BOY, so now I feel warm in my heart knowing we’ll have a little brotherhood within our house. Boys for life! And for me, I’m eating everything in sight. Mainly peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and chocolate ice-cream … And occasionally something healthy because my doctor says my iron is low.  I guess I don’t gain a lot from French toast and pizza as I would some leafy greens and red meat. But hey, this isn’t my first rodeo. I try to cover all the basics the best I can. Last thing, we’ve picked a name already and I can’t wait to see him and share it out with the masses. 10 weeks to go, a lot more growing to do (ugh) and a lot still to prep the meantime I’ll be enjoying his little kicks and bops, and obsessing over his ultrasound pictures.

P.S. I’m convinced that gel manicures make everything better. There is nothing I can’t conquer in life or in a week without one. Sounds silly but it’s true for me for some reason. I should really be saving for Paris or Ireland or these kids’ college funds, but for some reason a gel mani is what I need to get through the pregnancy ups and downs. And maybe my monthly Birchbox ;) who’s with me?!

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My break up

It’s arrived and I’m so ready to break up with my phone. I talked a little about this on my New Year’s post, but it’s time. I’ve actually stayed 100% true to my promise to take a break from social media (and my phone really) until I read this book. I just started it last night and am already blown away. And a little scared at what I’ve been doing to my brain over the last some-odd years since first getting my iPhone. But since I’ve deleted my social apps, I’ve actually come a long way. I don’t even bring my phone out now when I’m home around the kids, or out to dinner with friends. When our families were here I didn’t even have it near me to take photos with (which I sort of regret now), and while I watched my family put their noses in their phones, I was able to just soak in the time. I’ve also noticed more things around me, like these beautiful yellow blooms around Santa Cruz right now. How have I not noticed these before?! So beautiful! I pulled over the other day and grabbed some for my home office. And now when I drive around all I see are these gorgeous balls of yellow all around us. And when the sun is coming up, as I drive the kiddos out every morning, against the blue sky and ocean line, these blooms are just so heavenly. How much more have I missed from being obsessed with my phone?! Well, I’ll be posting more on my 30-day plan, once I get to that portion of the book, but for now, I keep my phone close to me during the work day because I need it for work, but aside from that I’ve been soaking up all the little moments with my little boys and reading books! Hope you’re all having a love-filled month. I’ll try to post more but just wanted to share how excited I am to break up with my phone ha.