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30 in Kauai

30 in Kauai, Jace

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Check your mail for our little “pineapple” announcement! 
A big thank you to my friend, Michelle, for helping with the design. Such a sweetheart that girl!



{p.s. Cannot WAIT to take Jace to Hawaii one day. I’m already starting to talk to him about it ;)}

30 in Kauai, Heather by Hand, Santa Cruz

Blogging date at Verve Coffee

Miss Heather and I had a fun girly day planned together over the weekend — pedicures, lunch, the book shop, dessert and then Verve Coffee for some blogging and brainstorming! Verve is such a great coffee venue. Couples cozy up with books, students come together for study sessions, friends meet up to chat. It’s really one of the best, centrally located coffee houses in the Cruz. They even have a pop-up location in New York City right now for market testing. Too cool, and very smart if you ask me. But that’s Verve for you. Very cool indeed.

We set up shop in one of their booths and ordered coffees {decaf for me of course}. Heather and I have some exciting goals for ourselves this year. It’s so fun to share in them together! By the time we were done catching up and running ideas by each other it was already 5:00p! I love those days when the hours fly by before you realize it. When you’re having such a wonderful time with a friend that you could sit together forever. I’m so thankful to have Heather as a friend. I truly think we’re each other’s biggest fans. Maybe that’s why we continue to find ourselves working together professionally.





{Heather was not feeling very photogenic, but I still snapped a pic. Ha!}
30 in Kauai, Kauai

Birthday dinner in Kauai

On the last night in Kauai, we ate at the Beach House for my official birthday dinner – we heard it had the best view for watching the sunset on the south shore, and the freshest food in Poipu {thanks for the recommendation, Olive!}. We were not disappointed! This was definitely one of my favorite nights, sitting with my hubby and sister on that patio, talking about our favorites moments from the trip, smelling the ocean air, watching the surfers, drinking that INCREDIBLE Merlot, eating fresh ceviche and calamari, then the main courses, and more talk about the upcoming year. Maybe the best night of the trip. I felt so blessed to have spent my birthday dinner with these two. Love them so much. And, the Hawaiian carrot cake rocked my world. It was the perfect birthday dinner. Thank you, God, for creating Hawaii. I can’t wait to go back.

30 in Kauai, Kauai

Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau

As soon as we got to Kauai, we started asking around for the best luau on the island. 100% of the locals said the Smith Tropical Paradise Luau was the best, so we booked it! The night we went, rainbows lined the sky. There was a slight mist but it stopped as soon as we got to the plantation. Peacocks welcomed us right at the entrance, and as soon as we walked through they took us for a motorized tour of the gardens. They raised the pig and called the horns for dinner. First was cocktail hour with mai tais and the open bar. Then we feasted! The food was AMAZING: pulled pork, and teriyaki beef, salad, Okinawan potatoes, garlic cake and pineapple cake -just to name some. The show after FLOORED us. Poor Rob was still a little drugged out from our Na Pali coast tour, and kept falling asleep during all the hula dancing. But Pam and I were bright-eyed and entertained the whole time. They brought a different dance in from each heritage that had come to Hawaii those years ago. It was magical. Highly recommend this luau to any of you going to Kauai!

30 in Kauai, Kauai

Na Pali coast

On the 2nd day in Kauai we went for a boat/snorkel tour along the Na Pali Coast with Captain Andy’s. Seriously one of the most beautiful coasts I’ve ever seen. So lush, and green. That water, those waterfalls! The crew turned on the island music and we laid back and took in the surroundings.

Pam & Rob felt a little sicky at times, so they snacked on crackers and let the bonine kick in {maybe a little too much for Rob. Poor guy was out of it for most of the day}.

I was a little chilly from our splash seats at the front of the catamaran, so I passed on the snorkeling so my lips and body could warm up. Rob got in though and enjoyed the water and all the fishies!

Captain Andy’s rocks. Breakfast & lunch was served, and later in the day cold beers and cookies.  It was fun to mingle with the captain and crew, and talk with the other vacationers. Pam and I loved just lounging on the top of the boat and taking in the beautiful day. Rob ended up lounging, too {the bonine fully kicked in, ha}.

The best part of the tour for me were the dolphins. They swam with us the whole time. . . right up along the boat. They were so playful and jumpy. I see dolphins here in Santa Cruz, but not like this. Oh, to be a dolphin!