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Once upon a time.

I had a blog. It’s been over a year since I’ve written here. And I miss it. After all, this place was really for me. It never went anywhere. No one sponsored my posts. It’s just a place I’ve used to remember my feelings, and thoughts. To document special moments I don’t want to forget. And maybe one day a place my children can come back to to read and remember as well. Walker just turned 4. Callen just turned 3. And my first, Jace turned 7 this year too. They are shooting up like beanstalks. Jace literally looks like one. He’s so tall and skinny, and how his face melts my heart. Walker is taller and still stalky but oh so perfectly proportionate. Callen is tall too, but small. We’re still waiting for his weight to catch up with his height. Right now Walker likes to pretend that he’s going somewhere, driving in the power wheel, cozy coup, or his bike with training wheels. He says he’s going to “get donuts.” Callen is Mr. stealth. Always grabbing for something. Escaping out the front door. Hiding in a corner. Always scheming. Yesterday he threw our Apple Game remote in the blow up pool. Jace is 7 going on 17. He loves his after school show, Henry Danger. The lead character is also named Jace (in real life) and is a teenage super hero, who fights bullies and is ridiculously goofy but kind. I can see why he’s starting to idolize him. Jace graduates from 1st grade tomorrow. Rob and I are in a new place in our marriage. Cats out of the bag. But we’re healing and growing, finding grace. And more importantly trying to communicate better. More on that another time. Tonight as I watched the boys in their bath, Jace and Walk brushed each other’s hair to style it, and were so pleasant with each other. They smiled and wanted to care for the other. It was so sweet, their giggles and embrace. A moment like this is worth all the fretting I put into this mothering thing. I so pray and hope to support them in becoming kind and independent and content adults, with all the right life tools, faith included. So instead of opening up my social apps, like Instagram, I’m going to attempt to blog more .. we’ll see how this goes. Full time working momma over here. Bare with me. Also. One more memory for the blog memory book. Jace looked at me tonight and said, “what’s going on with your hair?”, I said “they’re called ‘curtain bangs’, see, sort of like long bangs”; (mind you this is a week after I did the cut), then he told me he wanted to whisper something to me. He leaned in and said, “you’re pretty.” How was sweet was that. Dead. OK, well again, I’m trying to sign off here. Let’s see how I do with this blogging thing again.

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