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Rob’s new ride

We finally bought another ride, now for Rob’s new commute to work. The 5 months off were nice but the real world was calling, and so were the 80s! We found this little rad thing – an ’87 Toyota Celica up in Milpitas off CL. Only 80,000 miles and purrs like a kitten. No airbags so we drive extra cautiously, ha, but so far so good. I pray God lets us get around it in safely. Even has the old vintage, original plates. You sort of feel like you’re in Back to the Future or some other 80s flick when you drive in it. Let’s see how it does. And also, a big congrats to my main squeeze for landing an Associate Director of Admissions job. Good luck honey! They already love you I’m sure.

Giving Joy, Rob

The Daddy in our house + Father’s Day Gift Guide

IMG_5807I had so much fun shopping for Father’s Day (again) this year!! Rob is probably the easier person to buy for but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be creative! Here were my Father’s Day gift finds for Roberto this year:

“Daddy” Since 2014 T-Shirt — before Jace was even a concept, Rob has always called himself “Daddy”. Daddy’s hungry. Daddy like-y. Daddy wants a beer. Get the picture. So when I saw this shirt in Etsy land, I had to get it. Plus, it ships ridiculously fast and the quality is great.

Photo Mug — I’m pretty sure this is going to be an every year kind of a thing. We love relaxing in the morning with a cup of jo and drink a lot of it. This year I used Snapfish to customize a photo mug with pictures from Jace’s 1st birthday. It was perfect.

Beef Jerky & Whiskey Nuts — Need I say more? Cost Plus World Market. Delicious.

18 Holes of Golf — if you don’t golf, at least book a tee time for your man and send him away! Fortunately, I love to play golf so I tagged along and picked a course out aways from the cement city we live in.

After the gift session we ate mini waffles with Jace and watched as he proceeded to put syrup in his hair. It was the best morning with the Daddy in our house. Pretty sure Rob was on cloud nine. All. weekend. long. Ha. Plus, Jace learned how to cheers! this past weekend, too. So cute.

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Happy birthday my love

Posting this a little late, but here are a few shots from Rob’s 30th birthday. Starting with the Gentlemen’s Chocolate Whiskey Cake I made. I’m not going to brag, but I’m going to. It tasted like it was professionally made. A little bit of coffee, a little bit of dark chocolate, a little bit of whiskey. Amazing and right up Rob’s alley. Pretty sure I’ll be making this for his birthday every year ;)

I especially like Rob’s birthday this year because I’ve been pretty lonely as the only 30-year old around here. Now I get to be 30 with my love for a few months. This man of mine is pretty special. Seeing his kindness and love for others continues to inspire me, but the way Jace looks at him is a whole new kind of love to observe. Jace loves his Daddy so much already. They giggle and snuggle and nap and play and fly around the house. The truest of best friends already. Happy birthday my love. You were born to be a father, and Jace is your biggest fan {next to me that is}.

Jace, Rob

Our angel

Found this picture in my camera reel and was enchanted. Look at the light coming down on Jace’s head. This was taken on Father’s Day at his dedication at our church. Makes me think God was blessing our little angel when we were. Thank you, God.

Giving Joy, Rob, Tiny Prints

Gift guide for Father’s Day

This year for Father’s Day, I get to celebrate a very special person. My husband. I get to give a little bit of {joy!} back to him for all the joy he brings into our lives.  Especially Jace’s. Boy does Jace light up when Rob comes around. He laughs the hardest with Daddy. I get pretty jealous, but I’m so happy they have that father son bond. It’s so sweet. I started shopping early for Rob and wanted to get a little bit of everything for my manly man. Plus, I wanted to give you all out there some ideas for your hubbies or dads {seeing that I’m basically obsessed with giving gifts}. Each day leading up to this weekend I’ll be posting one new item or idea. Don’t worry, I’ve asked my husband to not look and let himself be surprised, so we’ll see!

Gift idea #1 – Coffee for his mornings.

My husband loves coffee. He can’t start his day without some strongly brewed coffee, a triple shot, a mocha, you name it, he needs it. The aroma, the morning ritual, the taste — whatever it is he loves it. So, I found the perfect coffee and mug that says it all:

Handmade & Damn Handsome Coffee // I heard about this coffee house from my letterpress go-to, Alissa Bell, who is married to one of the coffee roasters behind the name. I absolutely love their label and thought it fit the bill for Father’s Day, seeing how very handsome my husband is. Hoping he shares {I’ve been dying to try this coffee, too}

Tiny Prints // To accompany his coffee, I wanted to find the perfect coffee cup for the new Dad. Tiny Prints has some great gift ideas, one in particular lets you customize your coffee mug with a design and image of your choice. We’ve been in love with this picture of Jace in his flannel for weeks now, so I HAD to blow it up on a mug for him for Father’s Day. Tiny Prints has so many different mug designs to choose from, allowing you to customize with text, images and more.

Gift idea #2 – Manly soap for his shower.

Damn Handsome Grooming Co. // Found this catchy line of grooming products at Stripe in Santa Cruz. Something that says handsome and beer together on one thing?! Sold. And beyond perfect for my manly man who loves his beauty products. After looking into them, I read that Damn Handsome Grooming partners with craft breweries to re-purpose their brewed ingredients into natural, healthy provisions. Their story is fairly simple: they like beer, and soap, and didn’t want beer to go to waste, so they made a beer soap and decided to share it with the world. Their entire line of handsome beer soaps, shave creams, oils, lip balms and beard care products look very “dapper” indeed. And the price is right, too. This is a company my hubby and I can definitely get behind.’

Gift idea #3 – A sexy weekender bag for his travels.

Cenzo // Every time Rob goes on a work trip he complains that he doesn’t have a good-looking man bag. So I found him exactly that . . . with a Cenzo! The leather smells soooo good. It’s the perfect color for a manly man, comes with a shoulder strap and expandable space inside. I think it will be his favorite gift out of them all ;) The price wasn’t too bad either. I had checked J.Crew and Banana, but nothing really stood out to me for the price. This bag I found LOOKS expensive, but isn’t. I’m glad he can now travel feeling more stylish ;)

Gift idea #4 – A sleek wallet for his money handling.

V-Trap // I’ve been waiting for the chance to get Rob a new wallet. One that’s a little more official if you know what I mean, and not a clip thing jammed with receipts, cards and money. I stumbled upon the V-Trap brand at a shoe store downtown and was drawn to its unique, “V” shape. It has magnetic closures, a hidden coin pocket and a 90-day patented design guarantee – {although I’m hoping it lasts him longer than 90 days!}. I was having a hard time holding out on all these fun Father’s Day gifts so I gave it to Rob this week a little early and already he says it’s so slim and smooth that he can’t even tell it’s in his pocket {good or bad thing?}. Great product friends!

Gift idea #5 – A muddler for his old fashions.

AHeirloom // I am a HUGE fan of this Esty shop. I could seriously own one of everything they have. My man loves a good old-fashion, and usually has the ingredients to make one at all times. But, the one thing he’s always missing is a muddler. So I went to my favorite shop, customized one with his initals — and added it to his bar set. I cannot WAIT until he opens it. It’s so cool. And just a side note, AHeirloom now have cake toppers, too {!!!}! Wish I would have known that in time to order some for Rob’s birthday cake next weekend. Looks like June is going to be a doozy for me. Lots more gifts to get out!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas! I know my hubby will for sure!