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Jace Face Friday is backkkk

Snapped this shot of Jace at Rob’s basketball game 2 weeks ago. Guess he’s too cool to sit with Mom. But he’s also really into watching Daddy play ball, and yells “Daddy!” from across the gym .. just to tell him that the buzzer hurts his ears and that he hates it >D Jace so wants to get out there and play. One day!

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Party favor idea for Kids: trucker hats!

When Jace’s last day came around at his daycare, I wanted to make sure he had something to leave behind to remind them of him. So I brought some otter pops for all to “stay cool” and these little toddler-size pineapple trucker hats for all to keep as a reminder of their friend Jace.  I found them on Etsy of course and ordered just about every color available, just to make sure we had enough options for all the kids. Jace picked red for himself and even to this day, months after giving these to his friends in AZ, it’s still holding up, even after a wash. Great quality and size and obviously made well. We sure do miss our old daycare and the friends, especially Veronica! But hopefully when they see a pineapple they think of Mr. Jace :)

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Happy birthday Jace

My first born turned 4 today and my heart is tight with emotion. Once a chubby, curly haired babe, is now a skinny, bony preschooler. Crazy to see how fast time really goes by when you see it on your own children. It’s really the saddest most sweetest experience ever. Although I mourn his baby years, I’m also so excited for what the future holds for this little boy. Because that’s truly what he is still. Little. Right now he loves his family time so much, almost too much. He still comes up to me asking for hugs, and wants nothing more than to cuddle and play toys. He loves dessert and Target and holding hands as he falls asleep, and peeking at his lunch after I pack it. The other night I got Walker down for bed earlier than usual and was able to run a bath for Jace all by himself. I sat by the tub like I always do and started playing with his spaceship toys. He looked at me and said, “you’re going to play with me”? In that moment I realized I don’t have enough one on one time with my first anymore. All the hustle and bustle of the every day and wrangling Walker in and out of the bath usually at the same time, I guess I don’t play one on one as much as I used to with Jace. And you know what, he deserves some alone time, where he feels like the only child again. Or at least alone time with me! Thanks for helping me see that my darling. Well, happy birthday to our Jace Face, our sweetheart. Your heart is going to move mountains, I just know it.


The best bed head award goes to


We’ve caught quite the head cold in my house, one that’s officially taken us all out of commission for well over a week. And poor Jace has had it the worst. He refuses to blow his nose so every time we hear a monstrous sneeze we come running with the tissues. Even little Walker has snot coming out by the sneeze-fuls.  Hopefully all of our sinuses and lungs clear up this next week and we can feel more ourselves and have more energy. Hopefully you all are avoiding the winter colds and flus going around!


Jace’s first day of preschool

Well, my first born is off to preschool! Today was his first day. And even though I was super nervous about dropping him at a new school, to meet new friends with new teachers, Jace took the lead and had no fear in taking on the first day. He even wanted to preview the lunch I packed for him (which is seriously so much fun). After we put all his goodies in his cubby, he was ready to go and didn’t even say bye to me. Thankfully I snapped some pictures at home before we left. And jeez, could this kid be any more of a Daddy’s boy?! When I picked him up his teacher said he was a little shy and only cried once but overall a great first day. When we got home he said he wanted to watch a movie and cuddle and my heart just about burst. He said he cried because he wanted me. Such a little boy still and I love it. I hope he warms up to all the other kids, there were a lot so I can understand him feeling overwhelmed. Only day one so we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. I’m sad now being away from him all day but know he’s learning lots. I think every day will feel long for the both of us.