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Halloween 2016

img_2108  Our Halloween this year was fairly low key, just like we like it. Our outfit theme this year was ninjas. Jace was a ninja turtle and I picked us up some ninja accessories from the Dollar store. We were going to attempt to hit a couple houses on our street with J but he only lasted like 10 minutes in his outfit before he was dripping sweat. We ended up only having 2 trick-or-treaters so we spent most of our time doing karate and cuddling on the couch watching Shrek. Hope you all had a fun night. Now on to Thanksgiving!

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Our realtor is cooler than yours

img_2051-1I just have to say, our realtor is pretty much the bomb. His name is Ryan Nager — of now the Ryan Nager Group. Not only did he make our first home purchase incredibly seemless from day one, including connecting us with all the right lenders, inspectors and title companies who all went above and beyond for us, but he also doesn’t forget about his clients. He’s always checking in with us (as does everyone from his team and behind the mortgage process), he came to our housewarming, he’s great on social media, and he hosts all kinds of great outings for his clients so we can all keep in touch and mingle.  Like hosted movie nights at theaters, or seasonal get togethers. He recently just invited us to Kiwanis park for fun and games, burgers and dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, yard games and a PUMPKIN PATCH! He had the best ramada in the park, with the best view. He really treats his clients and goes all out. But, truly. Above all, he helped us find and get into our house that we seriously love. I will be recommending him to everyone I know ..  and being a marketer, I 100% approve of these little client events. They’re great for referrals, too, since he invites us and anyone we want to bring along;) Brilliant.

img_2058-1And look at these cookies in the shapes of houses and keys!! Just too cute. I took quite of few for the documenting – and eating! We also went for the superhero family for the face painting – Jace superman, Rob batman and me wonderwoman, just like the movie, ha.  We threw the pumpkin frisbee, played tic-tac-toe corn hole, fed the ducks and played some games for candy!  Such a fun afternoon. Thank you, Ryan, and team!

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Our little pumpkin

Halloween, as you can guess, was pretty special for us this year. Our first Halloween with Jace face. Our new little town, tucked behind the berry fields and green hills, really goes all out for Halloween. Driving down the main drag {which we actually live on}, reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus. The houses are all decorated, leaves are falling, wood is burning in fireplaces, and the breeze is crisp. We were warned that we’d have quite the crowd. So, we went big and went to Costco for our candy stash. To our dismay, it rained ALL DAY on Friday, and all night. The trick-or-treaters were rained out, but that didn’t stop them. We had so many trick-or-treaters! And Jace was my biggest helper. Sitting there, watching me pass out candy, while also trying to put every single piece in his mouth ;) None of the costumes scared him. He just wanted to be right in the action.

{not my house, just an example of how festive our neighborhood is!}

{everyone kept saying that I had the best costume? A feathery witch’s hat? Ok, sure. Thank you!}

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. We sure did. 
Halloween, Jace

All Hallows’ Eve

Hope you’re all going to get your party or trick-or-treat on tonight. Our new little town goes pretty crazy for Halloween so we’ll be passing out candy and mingling with the neighbor folk. Happy Halloween friends!

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Carving pineapples

My sweet cousin shared a pin with me the other day and I about jumped out of my seat when I saw it. Pineapple jack-o-lanterns! Beyond brilliant. Especially since the pineapple is my signature fruit now, thanks to Mr. Jace ;) Once we got started, I quickly realized how much easier and yummier it is to carve pineapples than pumpkins. Less messy and less icky {but a little more stickier}. The key to a good pineapple jack-o-lantern? Cut a whole in the bottom, too. You can save the pineapple insides for the whole week. Pineapple deliciousness all week.  Once you give them a face, they kind of look like little tribal people, glowing on your patio. They’ve been getting quite the attention in our neighborhood. Just a heads up, your patio will be a little juicy and sticky but it’s nothing a hose down can’t solve after Halloween.







{my men helped me, too}





Happy carving to you — whatever you decide to carve this holiday!