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S’more pops

Us girls at the studio threw our friend, Loni, a little campsite-themed picnic at the park in town to celebrate her birthday! We basically went camping for an hour — flannels, tent, picnic table, hot dogs, hamburgers — the works. I was tasked with making the birthday dessert: S’more pops! They are SO easy and SO delicious. I let mine sit at room temperature for a little bit before the party and they were perfect. Soft and chocolate-y and semi-melty from the warm temps in San Juan Bautista. Just as good as a real s’more if you ask me.

Here’s what you’ll need for the s’more pops:

– white cake pop {candy?} sticks
– regular sized Marshmallows
– Baker’s dipping chocolate
– crumbled graham crackers
– parchment paper
– wood platter for presentation ;)

Instructions: Poke each marshmallow with a stick. Microwave the Baker’s chocolate tub. Dip half the marshmallow in the melted chocolate. Sprinkle the graham cracker crumble onto the chocolate part. Set it down on the wax paper. Then serve anytime after that! Like I said, SO easy. It was so fun celebrating Loni. Love her to pieces.

{I <3 these chicks}
Baby J, Friends, San Juan Bautista

Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Picnic

My work ladies threw me the most darling woodland creatures baby shower last week. It was the perfect send off into maternity leave! We all walked over to the Mission in our little town of San Juan Bautista and I was pleasantly surprised with woodland creatures, a picnic lunch, gifts and some mood music. It was a beautiful day and fun way to spend my last afternoon. I love the girls I work with so much. Thank you all for showering me!




{the little owl and woodland party favors were adorable — thanks Mom and Heather!}
{it was a warm one in SJB!}



{what does the fox say?!}


{mini pumpkin pies, fruit shish kabobs and carrot cake cup cakes?! These girls must know me ;)}


{what a great picnic!!}
{baby camo, too cute}
{so excited about my Honest Co. box of goodies and Chewbeads!}


{these two are a “hoot”!}


{all my ladies!}
Friends, San Juan Bautista

Holiday party

This past weekend was my work party. It was awesome. My sweet boss and her husband never cease to disappoint. They made a huge feast for us and planned a night of fun & games. By the end of the night our cheeks were in pain from laughing and smiling. If you can’t tell already, I aboslutely love the people I work with, and their significant others are just as wonderful! We started out the night with Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! game. SO MUCH FUN! Then we stuffed our faces with dinner and dessert, and moved into a competitive series of Minute to Win it games. Envelopes of cash were hung on the tree for all the winners. We ended the night with a dance party in their living room. I am truly so blessed to work where I work. There was so much love and laughter throughout the night – the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.


{and you should know Heather by now}


{the money tree!!}


{aaaaaamazing — thank you Kathy & Ken!}



{enjoyed some items from our clients as well}


{the husbands}


{minute to win it games!!}




{love these girls so much}
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A day with lil ol’ me {& my iPhone}

{I’m going to preface by saying my old iPhone takes horrible pics!}
6:00 a.m. – wakey, wakey; let the pups out, make coffee.
Lucy likes to take her sweet time so I wait until she comes scratching at the door.
Kibble and green beans for the dogs:
Get ready:
7:20 a.m. – Drive to work.
7:50 a.m. – Arrive at the office – breakfast time.
Took some beauty shots for you, then got to work.
1:30 p.m. – Lunch & Sonoma research; then time to open the doors and more work.
(Be sure to follow our studio on Facebook and Instagram – we have some amazingly creative and talented team members, and even better – awesome clients! 
I’m so blessed to work with such wonderfully nice people, all around!}
5:30 p.m. – Head home.
6:10 p.m. – Let the pups out, admire my succulent frame.
Dinner {filet mignon is still delicious the next day}.
7:15 p.m. – Before my eyes started getting heavy, I went for a run.
9:30 p.m. – After some blog reading, I put myself to bed with a warm cookie from the oven and Game of Thrones. It’s getting so good!
Thanks for stopping by & Happy Friday! 
Lately, San Juan Bautista

Summer on the central coast

This time of year I’m used to 115 degree weather, a blazing hot vehicle and sweaty desert nights. But living in central Cal is like living in a totally different world. We’re lucky if it gets above 75 degrees in the middle of the day. I still have Arizona blood so I’m chilly up until I fall asleep at night. This is a feeling I’ve never experienced before so I’m going to live it up. I’m going to drink hot coffee in the middle of summer, wear cozy hoodies for as long as I like and blast the heater in the truck.

When it’s not cloudy here in Fogtos {Aptos}, I try to snap some pictures of all the pretty summer blooms around our yard.

In other news, I took a new job with a design agency in San Juan Bautista…. and I’m LOVING it. Not only are the people nice, but the office is bright and girly. I hear that more dead people reside in San Juan Bautista than living people {although I have yet to see a cemetery} – but who I think rules the little town are the chickens and roosters. I love hearing the rooster every morning in the office and think they have such pretty coloring! Look at this cutie:

   {I will own some one day}

Lots of white picket fences and lots of antique shops in San Juan B – including my new favorite – Aggie’s Porch (like my Grandma):

After a productive and breezy day in sunny San Juan Bautista, I head home. I turn on Pistol Annies, put my sunglasses on and gaze over the rolling fields of strawberries and open hillside.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer and are keeping cool!  XOXO