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iPhone memories

I just recently realized that we probably won’t be back to Europe for another couple of years and am having travel anxiety. I know we’re planning for a Hawaiian adventure next year, but I’m not sure anything will ever live up to our month in Europe. I found some pictures from my old iPhone {as I was saying goodbye to it} & all the memories came flooding back. Europe, I’ll see you again!

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Anchors away

I don’t know if I’ve been watching too much Bachelorette, but our last day on Santorini, now that I look back, was the perfect “Bachelorette” date. We took a sunset cruise, full of mini excursions and romantic moments.

We boarded our Pirates of the Caribbean ship and took sail for Santorini’s volcanic crater {center}. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I LOVE volcanoes. So much that I toyed with the idea of studying them {for a very brief moment}.

The boys!

This is Mandy, my girlfriend on the boat:

Next stop – swimming in the hot springs.

Wine and snackies:  

And then the sunset:
We kissed and snuggled as the sun went down. It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like The Bachelorette? {I’m watching it as I write this}

This marks the end of our Greece vacation! About time, right? I can’t wait to go back to Europe. All I can think about is where to go next. Thinking London and Ireland! Planning for Spring 2013!

Greece, Italy, Travel

All dogs go to … Europe

Why would dogs go to heaven when they could go to Europe?? When Rob and I went to Europe, it felt like like we were walking through a dog park, everywhere we went. I loved it. Say hello to the dogs of Italy and Greece!

They sleep anywhere they want.

 And love attention.
They visit McDonald’s.
And take breaks after shopping for shoes.
Look at this cutie!
Greece, Santorini, Travel

Black sand

The beaches here in Cali are pretty fabulous – but nothing compares to the black beach on Santorini. Here are a few pics from our morning on Perivolos in Santorini. And yes, I did take some of the volcanic sand home ;)







Hottest sand I’ve ever walked on! What’s the most bizarre beach you’ve been to? My last post on Greece is coming next! Tear** {’bout time, right?}

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A day (in Oia) to remember

Our day in Oia was one of the most memorable days of our trip to Greece. We woke up to a gorgeous blue sky, quickly had breakfast and headed off to the bus station to go to Oia.


Oia was breathtaking.






We had the most AMAZING lunch – the view was incredible!


I so wanted to be this girl reading on the ledge!




After lunch we went on to explore, shop and then made our way down to the shore to swim.






This was the same dock where Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed:)

After a few hundred pictures, we rode donkeys to the top and had a sunset dinner.

The dessert was to die for. I can’t even explain to you how creamy this pistachio delight was.

While we waited for the sun to set, Rob sipped on a cappuccino and I wrote in my travel journal:


And the rest was history!


Hopefully I didn’t overwhelm you with too many pictures! I have so much more to share. Stay tuned!