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Our Lady Wood Housewarming Gift

lady-wood-custom-wood-design-home-decor-idea My best friend Heather is trying her hand at something new these days and I’m so excited to show it off. Mainly because it’s now hanging in my new house! Look at this custom wood piece she made for us, with her own hands! It’s seriously amazing. I had family over last night for Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure everyone commented on how beautiful it was throughout the night. It was also the centerpiece to our feasting table. It’s the perfect stain of wood for our house, and the gold and white just finish it off perfectly. It goes with everything, especially a little greenery. My heart warms every time I see it when I walk in the door.

custom-wood-designs-lady-wood-home-decor-ideas custom-wood-design-home-decor-ideas-southwest-bungalowNow, for the good part! If you’re really interested in getting your OWN custom piece, Heather is starting to take orders. She has officially started a new line of custom wood design, called Lady Wood (which falls under her Heather by Hand shop). As you know, she also does a lot of other custom projects by hand, like calligraphy, water color, retail displays, shelves, and more. If you want to see more, look at her Instagram page. She’s quite the home-maker and traveler. Her little pup, Rudy, is a big part of her brand, too. You’ll never meet a cuter doggy. I’ll be sharing her next piece for us once I hang it in the new nursery;)

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Fort wood

IMG_1195 Well I just got back from the most relaxing weekend ever. At FORD WOOD, my best friend, Heather’s, new home under the redwoods. It’d been a year since I’d been back to Santa Cruz, so I was looking forward to getting back to my roots and catching up with friends. Good friends. Truly the best if you ask me. Heather was the most perfect host. She set up her little guest house for me with fresh sheets, toiletries and flowers, even some water for my bedside. It was my little sanctuary away from home. Here were some of my favorite moments from the weekend . . .

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National Best Friend’s Day – June 8

IMG_5728National Best Friend’s Day might be my favorite non-holiday ever. It’s my chance to tell my bestie how awesome she is. If you already don’t know, Heather has been my bestie for .. how many years now?  Oh, jeez. 10 years?! Holy crap, we’re getting old. I think we both have been secretly shopping for each other, like it’s our birthdays, in preparation for this special day. I found some goodies for her, including this clever “Why You’re My Bestie” book.  And these Aid Through Trade friendship bracelets. Oh, and some lavender soap that reminded me of her handwriting, called Hand in Hand. Sound familiar??? ;) With all my gifts in hand, one night last week, I sat myself down with some red wine and started filling in my bestie journal. I must admit, I cracked up a few times thinking of old times. It was such a fun little activity. Made me smile thinking of my bestie who’s far away. I hope she loved her goodies. And I hope you spoiled your bestie, too!


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A holiday dinner at the Cremer House

Last weekend we went to the new Cremer House in Felton for a little Christmas dinner with good friends. It was the most perfect place for dinner for the holiday with friends, and we had heard great things. Built by Thomas Cremer in 1874, The Cremer House is the oldest building in downtown Felton. For many years it functioned as the Grand Central Hotel, a restaurant, bar, and boarding house. And now it’s come alive once again and has attracted quite the crowd. Only open for dinner right now, the line starts pretty early. Thankfully, we got there right at open. Their coffee BBQ wings, chicken pot-pie and turkey meatloaf are to-die-for. They also have fried chicken, apple cider donuts {heaven} and serve Vertigo coffee from San Juan Bautista. It’s cozy, romantic and delicious. And I almost forgot about the beer. The beer! Yes, they have beer and plenty of it. Go for the full tasting. So many good things to say. I really can’t wait to go back.



{heated patio seating.}


{We’ve learned to entertain and distract the little one while out to dinner. Such a task!}



{Jace & his Auntie Heater}


{Thanks for such a lovely dinner friend! Had so much fun. I’m sorry I ate all of your donuts.}
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A birthday bonfire

A dear friend of ours celebrated a birthday in July and we wanted to make it extra special. This gal means the world to us {in case you can’t already tell, she’s plastered all over my blog half the time}. I know she’s not going to like something sappy written about her, but she’s seriously a beautiful person. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Miss Heather wanted a low-key birthday so we did just that. We brought the party to the beach for a sunset bonfire with Smoked Chocolate S’mores, champagne . . & hot dogs, hahahaha. Jace didn’t want to miss his Auntie’s birthday so he came along for the party, too. I know this is a little back-dated, but Happy Birthday Heather. Hope you enjoyed!

{the lovebirds <3}
we love you so much heather w!