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Killing time

I’m officially on maternity leave. Between doctor’s appointments and emails for work, I’ve been finding things to keep my mind and hands occupied. I don’t do well at home with nothing to do. I’m supposed to be “nesting” . . . but all I want to do is do something, ha. I’ve done all the laundry I can do. Nursery is about ready, bags are packed for the hospital, kitchen is clean, movies are lined up on Netflix. Should probably be napping more. God knows my body wants to. So, here’s how I’ve been killing the time:

{addressed my Valentine’s Day cards early, while finishing a box of Lula’s salted caramel chocolates}


 {lots of time with the pups}


{trying some new recipes — this shepherd’s pie was AMAZING}


 {catching up on all the latest podcasts}


{some reading and Facebooking for work}


{more thank you notes to friends!}

{daily walks to the beach}

{ordered a TON of new magazines}

{catching up on Revenge}

{more belly pics  … gotta keep documenting}

{some fresh narcissus for my bedside and more reading}

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April flew

Where the heck did April go?! I can’t believe we’re already into May! April was such a flash – – first with my Mom’s visit – then to AE College in Chicago with Heather. We got to enjoy Chi-town for a few days with deep-dish pizza, dinner in Lincoln park and a visit to the bean. We survived the thunderstorms with a delayed flight and a smooth flight home {thankfully}. My iPhone 5 got in a car accident a couple weeks ago, and I lost all my other fun pictures from Chicago, or else you’d see more than just the below!


Rob surprised me with dinner and box tickets to Lady Antebellum in April. Felt great to go to a country concert again — I got my country dance on! BTW, Fiesta Del Mar in Mountain View is AMAZING. I highly recommend.


Rob joined a dodge ball team at work. I don’t have any action shots but here are some of the pre-game footage:

And when we weren’t swamped with work, we were spending our free time planning for Hawaii and getting our base tan on the beach. Yes, that is Rob swimming in the Pacific. The cold water somehow doesn’t phase him. Ha.

Happy May, friends!

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Around here lately

Foggy mornings.

I’ve been on sort of a book shopping spree lately. I’m currently reading The Honest Life, Lean In {incredible so far} and Steve Jobs.

Our friend Craig turned the big 4-0, so there was a lot of celebrating to do!


On St. Patty’s Day Rob joined me for some marketing research, which involved hopping around to a few local bakeries. At Gayle’s we enjoyed coffee with green whipped cream, and some irish music at The Buttery.

Rob introduced me to Shopper’s Corner and we had fun with the wall mural outside.
Spring calls for Spring cleaning. Mrs. Meyer’s honeysuckle scent is my new favorite for our little cottage. Look at this selection at Shopper’s Corner! Heaven!

I don’t get sick

But somehow, I am. And I can’t kick it. Usually I feel sicky for a couple days, drink a Gatorade, pop some Advil Cold & Sinus and whatever it is, is gone. Not this time. It’s here to stay. Rob has been avoiding me like the plaque, and sleeping on the couch. Not cool. I feel like Monica from Friends. Especially the part where I want to get lovey but start coughing uncontrollably.

Have you heard of the Greek/Scandinavian cure for the cough? 2 Tablespoons each of honey, lemon juice and whiskey. Heat it and shoot it. I tried it last night (twice) and it was delicious! I think it worked.. . up until about 2 a.m. when I started coughing again and had to get the Vicks out. Bleh.

What are your cures for the common head cold? And the coughs?


October in central cal

This Indian summer we’re having is pretty heavenly. The smell of a California Fall is exactly what I thought it’d be. The days are warm and makes for the perfect tanning weather. Our “hidden beach” is our home away from home lately. We pack a lunch, pop a squat Pretty Woman style and take in the rays and sound of ocean waves.

We recently discovered a family of bats in our neighborhood. And let me tell you — they’re spooooky! Maybe it’s that time of year – the witching hours? I run for my life when they come swarming down. Lucy needs to pick it up! Even in the middle of the night we hear the owls {love!}. I don’t mind waking up at 2 a.m. to listen to them; one in particular likes to sit in the tree outside our window. I smell Halloween in the air and already marked two things off my list. Because our master bedroom fireplace can’t support big fires {only those duraflame logs}, I decided to use that space in another way. I think I need more pumpkins. And candles. It’s a start! By the way, if you’re looking for a good scent for the Fall, you MUST stop in to Pier 1 Imports for the Autumn Leaves scent. It’s delicious and makes you want to cozy up with a glass of red and a book, or listen to Duffy and start cooking. Strange how a scent can do that, right? ;)

What are you doing to get in the spirit of Halloween? What are you dressing up as??