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Stand up for love

With a New Year around the corner, I’m feeling renewed and more joyful than ever. I think we could all use a little more love in the New Year. A little more kindness for strangers. A new year to show compassion and forgiveness. To see the good in every person and keep faith that things happen for a reason. I’m still praying for the families who lost their loved ones in the Newton shooting, and will continue my prayers into the New Year. Let’s make 2013 the year we loved a little harder. I know I’m going to. 
12 Dates of Christmas, Joy

Happy Christmas

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday. Merry Christmas.

We celebrated with the 12 dates of Christmas:

  1. Visted the Christmas tree farm and cut down our first tree, and decorated it.
  2. Baked holiday cookies.
  3. Shopped for Christmas pajamas.
  4. Took a driving light tour.
  5. Sipped hot chocolate and star gazed.
  6. Spoiled the dogs with stockings.
  7. Mailed Christmas cards.
  8. Had a Christmas movie marathon.
  9. Went Christmas shopping together.
  10. Enjoyed a Christmas dinner date out {with the Thomson’s}
  11. Went ice-skating.
  12. Made Gingerbread houses.

Cher joy

Another week has flown by. Hope yours was nice! We’re getting our menu ready for Thanksgiving and shopping lists ready for Christmas. There is a new chill in the air. My thin blood from Arizona is still trying to get used to this kind of weather, but it’s still so pretty every day. God is definitely gracing us with a gorgeous autumn. Here’s what brought me joy last week:

1. This beautiful man. Don’t know what I’d do without him.
2. Skype double-date with our besties, the Thomsons.
3. My friend, Sarah’s little James brings me joy every week. So happy they’re safe and that the damage from Hurricane Sandy was manageable where they live {Lyndurst, NJ}.
4. Lunch & shopping in Los Gatos with Heather. What a charming hill town!

Would love to hear what brought you joy last week:)


A new joy post

Instead of listing out an obnoxious amount of links and things that brought me joy the week past, I thought I’d simplify by keying in on 4 things that TRULY brought me joy the week before. It’s obvious that a million things bring me joy every day, every week, but I need to narrow it down – to really reflect on the most joy-inspired, little things, or big things, from every day life, mostly captured on my phone. So, this Sunday morning as I sip on my pumpkin spice coffee, I’ll share what brought me joy last week:

The birthday treat Diane made for me at work – teddy bears in bikinis on the beach cupcakes!  The girls I work with made my day so special. I’m so blessed.

The smell of Fall in my house.

A surprise lunch with Rob. 

The decanter I found at an antique shop in Soquel as a congratulations gift for sweet hubby.  I’m so proud of him.

What brought you joy last week? :)