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1 year without Lucy

img_0159One year ago we lost our Lucy, and I’m now just ready to talk about it :(( I’ve never had to put down a dog before; the pain of saying goodbye really shocked me. It changed me. It activated tear ducts I’ve never allowed myself to use before. I wanted more than anything for Lucy to go on her own peacefully. But, so many things started to go downhill with her health, so quickly, that we had to make the decision for her. Which was the worst part I think. I don’t like playing God. Which is why I don’t support the death penalty. The idea of making the decision to end someone’s life, or in my case, my favorite doggy of all time, just rips your heart out. It twists your stomach into knots. It just isn’t right. And then seeing life end. Watching her take her last breath. It’s the absolute worst experience and feeling in the world. You feel like it’s all your fault. If you had only caught the diabetes sooner. Brought her in sooner. If I could only commit to the shots. If I only had the money. If only I made more time for her. But now, a year later, I’m OK with talking about it, and can laugh and rejoice in the 10 years we had with her. The guilt is slowly melting away. She was my first ever dog all to my own (Rob’s, too of course, since he bought her for me). She was my world before Jace and even after, I still loved her so dang much. Even when she growled at me, or nipped or scratched on walls and doors. Or chewed up my underwear or ate her own poop. She had problems from the beginning, but that didn’t phase her. She still survived a pit bull attack, a skin rash, UTIs, chocolate truffles, cherry eyes, horrible hair cuts, a broken tail, getting lost in our neighborhood, chewing through a fiberoptic Christmas tree.. and so much more.

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Giving Joy, Lucy

Gift idea for dog lovers: crunch cards

The way to my heart? Spoil my dogs:)

Our friends Jack & Kristin did just that.We were pleasantly surprised to find a Valentine’s Day colored box on our doorstep the other night. It was filled with treats for us, and our pups! Dog lovers’ pasta, Valentine’s Day-themed crunch cards, personalized frame, candy, confetti and more.

Let’s digress a little and look at these clever crunch cards by Crunch Kins. Not only are these cards edible and delicious for dogs & cats, you can choose your card by breed, by occasion, or by holiday. The PERFECT gift to send to a dog-lover friend! Bravo, Kristin! Plus, they’re 100% natural rawhide and use non-toxic ink. Watch out friends with dogs. Yours might get a crunch card! Lucy LOVED hers.

Thanks J&K!
Lucy & Tacoma
Lucy, Tacoma

Sibling love

Give these two bones and they’ll steal from each other. Lucy will hide hers and forget where she hid it, then steal Tacoma’s. Then they’ll fight over it. It’s the cutest thing in the world. Tacoma is such a sweet brother. He always plays at her level and lets her bite on long enough to get excited. Love them.




Lucy, Tacoma

Doggy shame

Our dogs crack us up. They also sort of embarrass us, especially when friends are over. I’ve seen too many pet shame blogs and emails lately to NOT enforce this with our pups; they’re pretty special if you know what I mean. And heck, if I were them, I’d feel ashamed!

When Lucy’s hair is cut short, she sort of reminds me of Falcor from The Never Ending Story. Am I right?!?!


More shame signs to come I’m sure.