Weekend in Payson

This past weekend we ventured up to Payson to camp with family. It was hotter than we thought, which meant no campfires. Even though we sweat by day, it was freezing by bedtime! I think my favorite part of camping is bedtime in the tent with the boys. When it’s cold at night we have to cuddle extra close in the blankets to stay warm. I can snuggle their faces and wrap my arms around them and stare at their eye lashes in the morning sun. I can kiss their cheeks and listen to the crickets (or coyotes, depending on the time of night). It’s also a lot of fun to see them use the air mattresses as trampolines. This trip we spent a lot of time at the nearby creeks and water wells, and devoted much planning around meal time. The creeks were full of crawdads and tadpoles, we even found a sandy shore and swing at one place. I don’t remember sitting down but I think the boys had a blast which is all that matters. I’ll save the hammock for a later day. I don’t think June is the best time to go up north so maybe we’ll save the camping for the Fall, when we can have a campfire and roast s’mores! I love this family of mine, and am thankful for this body I can make tired.

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