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Currently binging on Dolly

methode-sundaytimes-prod-web-bin-9c9884ba-21a5-11e6-bcc2-78c164a12aa2 I’ve been rather obsessed with someone new lately. Her name is Dolly Alderton. I can’t stop listening to her podcast, PanDolly (with co-host Pandora Sykes). It’s so light and funny, and their chemistry is adorable. I immediately subscribed to her weekly Dolly Mail, and actually read every word. The only other email or blog type I do that with religiously is Cup of Jo. Not sure if it’s her british accent or her friendly, just live life attitude, but I can’t get enough. Her writing is so wonderfully eloquent and real, and witty, and easy. It’s truly been the most inspiring thing to me lately. I’m even listening to her Christmas spotify playlist right now as I type this (I think I’ve offiically crossed over into stalkerville). And now, come to think of it, I can’t even remember how I even found her podcast .. but I’m glad I did. I love listening to her talk about family, and dating, and pop culture, and get togethers with friends (that normally involve a lot of champagne and food). I’m going to leave you with her 10 realistic resolutions for 2017, because I think they’re fab. And for some reason, this post of hers really makes me want to be better person and friend, all around. Who has inspired you lately??? Please share!