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Jace, Rob

Our angel

Found this picture in my camera reel and was enchanted. Look at the light coming down on Jace’s head. This was taken on Father’s Day at his dedication at our church. Makes me think God was blessing our little angel when we were. Thank you, God.

Jace, Santa Cruz

Dedicating Jace

This past Sunday was a really special day for us. Not only was it Father’s Day, but it was also the day we dedicated Jace at our church. We stood in front of our closest friends in California and church community and voiced our commitment to raise Jace in a Christian environment. We promised to be role models by word and deed, by instruction and example, and by correction and encouragement, as we lead him in the ways of Jesus. We promised to whole-heartedly seek God’s love, grace, and wisdom, recognizing our dependence on him as we raise Jace.

{the little baby girl to our right was also 4 1/2 months old. Same age as Jace and half his size!}
{Robby joking that Jace was going to be a future power forward}

We also commited to praying the following prayer for him throughout his life. As we prayed we anointed his little body parts with oil {in which he tried to eat}:

May his mind have your wisdom. May his eyes see your glory. May his ears hear your voice. May his mouth tell your truth. May his heart be your home. May his hands do your work. May his feet follow wherever you lead. And may his knees only bow before you, his loving Lord and God.


A big thank you to our friends who came to share in this day with us. We are truly so blessed, every day, in so many ways. Thank you God for watching over us and continuing to pour your love onto us.