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4th trimester

They weren’t kidding when they said babes go through a 4th trimester. Little boy is going through this stage where he is happiest when he is held or swaddled super tight. As I’ve said before, some days are easy, and some aren’t. On the not-so-easy days, I try to lay him down, he cries. Put him in the swing, he cries. I try tummy time, he cries. So, I hold him. It really zaps you, but I can’t let go. And I love to sleep with him, and snuggle. It’s really too much sometimes. These tears of joy are here to stay. I’ve been trying hard to start sleep training, by pushing the time between feedings and keeping him distracted and more awake during the day. Still working on it! One night he slept 7 hours. It was miraculous.

This -mester I’ve been living on the pre-made salads from Trader Joe’s, LUNA bars, greek yogurt, egg scrambles, fruit, steamed veggies, and a lot of meat. I’ve never paid so much attention to what, when and how much I’m eating. This breastfeeding thing is exhausting at times. I feel like if I’m not eating between feedings I’m not producing anything. Oh, and water. I sort of have to drink a lot of it, or nothing’s coming out. So much to think about in a day! And going out is a whole other issue. Must coordinate to pump or breastfeed before I go to the gym, or out with friends, or they hurt! And I don’t need any more stretch marks if you know what I mean. I just pray they go back to somewhat normal after I wean him off this summer. I sure want something left after all this.

While I rock baby boy to sleep I read, or I read on my patio or in beed while he sleeps, or at 1am when I can’t fall back asleep. I’ve finished 4 books so far this year: Ender’s Game, Maisie Dobbs, Heft, and The Tools. Reading Someone right now, and really hope to keep this reading momentum going. Have also been reading all the magazines I ordered. Love getting them in the mail and flipping through while I have lunch. Happiness!

Working out again sure feels good. I’m sore most days, and my knees hurt, but I gotta fit into my jeans again, or else what am I going to wear when I go back to work?! My maternity clothes?! On the bright side, I’ve joined a little mommy walking club {yay}. And taking long walks along the beach with Jace once a day is the best. The air, the waves, the sunshine, the smell of sunblock. . . heaven!

Other than all that, this “4th trimester” has been rather blissful. Most evenings Rob and I can eat dinner together and talk about our day . . . and what we love most about our son. I have some bags under my eyes and my stomach still gets in knots sometimes, but that will go away eventually. Trying to keep it together and things easy-going, so little boy will be easy-going. Will be weird going back to work at the end of this month. Work? What is THAT?! My current work day has been kissing Jace and squeezing his chubbo cheeks! And planning little things for us to do on the weekends as a family, making meal plans, working out, cleaning, etc.  Maybe this is what stay-at-home-mommas do. Because if so I could totally get used to this. But, we live in California, and it costs an arm & a leg {& an another arm} to live here. So, Momma’s going back to work.

{my smiley boy}
{I love it when he stretches!}

And to you out there reading this here little blog. Thank you. I appreciate your comments and emails and gifts. Sending you a virtual hug!

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