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Body Pump Instructor Training!

Last weekend I got Les Mills Body Pump instructor pre-certified! It was a 2-day, all day training, filled with A Master Class, choreography, technique and coaching layers, including presenting to the group 3x (I was assigned the squat track thank God) and a grueling Body Pump Challenge – more like circuit challenge! This Preggo body of mine so needed a fitness packed weekend like this. Although I feel quite crippled as I type this, my mind and body felt great after the whole thing. I’ve been an avid Body Pumper for almost 10 years now and I’ve always wanted to be part of their tribe and one day teach. Now I really have something to work toward after baby #3 to get back in shape and share my passion for Body Pump when I officially become certified in like 6 months. Still lots more to learn before I can teach my own class, but definitely this year if I put my mind to it.  Our instructor was the bomb, and I met so many wonderful people of all ages who also share my passion for the bar. It was so cool to hear their stories and what Pump and Group Fitness means to them. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with them on our new Facebook group page. So many I want to follow along with on this journey! Including this here lady, Hilary, who was also pregnant. Not as large as me going at all the weights but still pregnant all the same. We put our bellies together and called it Body Bump ;)

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