Cafe Monarch

IMG_5840My man turned the big 3-1 this past weekend. And because it also fell on Father’s Day this year, I had to split up the celebrating between the two days. So on Saturday, I took Rob out to a semi-fancy dinner. Got a babysitter (thanks Pam!), did the driving and surprised him with a magnificent restaurant choice. I heard about Cafe Monarch from a local Arizonan at work and immediately made us reservations. A four-course meal, complete with Amuse Bouche, a summer salad, choice of select entrees and choice of desserts. Every other week they change out their menu. Fortunately, our menu had filet and rib eye as entree options and of course we went for it. I can’t tell you enough how incredible this place was. I mean, look at all of their awards! So romantic and so delicious. We sat on the back patio and with the shade, misters, palms, green vines, candles and mood music..  the suns setting.. I didn’t even know I was in Arizona, sitting in 112 degree weather. We felt like we were sitting in a cafe in Europe. Service was excellent and the wine choices with our meats were on point. Every bite and sip was delightful. Mouth-watering. You know it’s good when we’re smiling and laughing at how much we spend to eat really amazing food. The monarchs and bird cage accents all around added just the right amount of charm. We’ll definitely be going back.

IMG_5850IMG_5839IMG_5841IMG_5845IMG_5846Ordered “The Monarch” to start with – gin with a cosmopolitan twist.

IMG_5843IMG_5849IMG_5852I love this man so much. I could stare at him all day. Sort of like Jace, ha. He’s starting to get a little gray around his temples, and taller it seems like?! We had the best night talking about our now toddler and jobs and life in Arizona. It’s really so cool to be going through life with someone, to see the change in the years on our faces and in our memories.  There is no one else I’d want to grow old(er) with. In case you’re looking for a little bit of birthday wisdom, Rob was full of it. In Rob’s words, as we get older, we finally realize how precious time is. That it’s the most expensive thing we could ever own. And more importantly, because it’s so valuable, we need to choose wisely with what we do with it. With who we spend time and with who we give our time away to. Any way, some food for thought. Happy Birthday my handsome husband!

IMG_5853IMG_5854IMG_5858They put a sparkler on his raspberry cheesecake and gave us an Owl wine-topper! Um, you had me at free wine-topper.

IMG_5865The one picture we get of me of course looks like this… no peach crepe to show, and half blurry, not looking, taking a sip of coffee. It’s helpless.

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  • Reply Sis June 23, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Fun!! Who knew this hidden gem existed in AZ?!? Can’t wait to go!!

  • Reply Heather June 24, 2015 at 7:17 am

    That place looks so yummmmmmy!!

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