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Father & son selfies

When my first day back to work came around, we had a two week window before Jace could start at his daycare, so Rob took two more weeks of paternity to stay home with the little guy. I was sad to leave them every day, but I felt better knowing they were having a blast together. Every day I would get a Rob & Jace selfie. Or, I would just get a Jace selfie. Every time my phone would light up at work my heart skipped a million beats to see what kind of picture was waiting for me. I get these kind of pictures now from my daycare lady, but these below will remain in my heart forever — Jace in his Nike onesies, sleep tents, big smiles, sleepy cheeks. I could just eat both of their faces.







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  • Reply Nichole Viles May 19, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    What handsome guys :) Looks like Robby & Jace will be good at “hide & seek” hehe.

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