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Coastal pumpkins

Are you guys ready for Halloween? We officially are. When I saw these pumpkins from Coastal Living, I immediately downloaded their carving templates. We only had enough energy to do 2, but we were still pretty proud. They’re not perfect, but they sure to do set the stage. We’ll be passing out candy and staying in this Halloween. Maybe have a fire, and watch the Conjuring {if I can work up the courage to watch it!}.




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Celebrating Fall . . with vampire steak

I drive past the best pumpkin yard on my way home from work this time of year. I stopped on a Friday night and spent a good $20 on pumpkins – small and large, including a Cinderella one {more on that later!}. Over the weekend we put the scary movies on, made some vampire steak and a fire every night. I love weekends like this, especially when the nights are cold and we haven’t anything to do!


{+new pillows for the couch!}





{Recipe for the Vampire Steak is here.}


{Already starting to day-dream about our post-pregancy trip to Sonoma. Rob enjoyed some Merlot from Alexander Valley.}

{LOVE our fireplace.}
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Waking up at the beach house

Happy Fall, friends! Well, I have more news. We moved. I don’t know what is wrong with us, but we tend to move every year. This marks the 5th place we’ve lived in almost 6 years of marriage. It’s exhausting to think about. Especially when you’re 5 months pregnant. Thankfully Rob did the moving and I the packing! Although I truly hate moving, I really LOVE our new place. We’d been looking for months for something bigger, and when this place popped up we didn’t hesitate — only 4 blocks from the beach! Pretty surreal. We had 2 weeks to get in, and literally had to make the decision overnight to keep the place. But, it all worked out. And now we live in a legit beach house, and can smell the ocean from our backyard.  Plus, we now have a room for the baby. It might be my favorite room in the whole house ;) This weekend we woke up in our new place and embraced Fall. I love this time of year and am already watching Hocus Pocus and lighting the spice candles. We made breakfast, brewed some coffee and hot chocolate, and went for a long walk on the beach. It was a beautiful morning. I can’t help but thank God for this new place. Even better, we’re going to be a family in this house {!!!}.