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Christmas tree farm – year 3


This year marks the third year to the Christmas tree farm up in Bonny Doon {omg, we’ve been here almost 3 years?!}, but this time we brought Jace face {duh}! It’s not like we’d leave our child at home for a tradition like this, lol. Last year I promised myself I would go for the beachy tree this year {its bristles look like pieces of coral!}. Of course Rob didn’t want to go for the sea foam color so we found a greener one with the same unique bristles and called it even. And I’m so glad we did. It smells so good and up in our living room, it’s like we’re living in a Dr. Seuss book. The branches and bristles at the top wisp out like feathers. The texture is beautiful and after two weeks this tree still smells amazing. Thank God we haven’t had any visitors staying over at our house, or else they’d be sleeping right next to it, ha. It’s a little overpowering. Maybe I should have asked what kind of tree it actually is. Next year I guess ;) See past year’s Christmas tree farm adventures here and here. Again, real trees are the way to go. Hope you all had fun picking out yours this holiday season.

{little boy sure likes his cuties.}
{there she is!}


{my kisses aren’t amusing to Jace, obviously.}



{Jace hated the hat, can you tell? But no matter, I strapped that thing on him to keep his little ears warm.}
Bonny Doon

The Christmas tree farm

The day after Thanksgiving we about RAN to the Crest Ranch Christmas Tree Farm up in Bonny Doon. It was packed which made it even more festive! We grabbed some hot chocolate and apple cider and started hiking around for the perfect tree. After a lot of indecisiveness, we decided on a good 7-8 footer, and got her wrapped up to take home. Poor Lucy was so tired after our Christmas tree hunt that she passed out as soon we got her in the truck. She snored all the way home, ha. This tree farm is definitely our favorite place to kick off the holiday season. And now our tree is up and it smells SOOOO good. Like I said last year, real trees are the way to GO! Have you got your tree yet??


{heather & brent deciding on their little mini tree!}


{our cheesy pose, hahaha. It was pretty warm out compared to last year so we were a little sweaty. Plus, look at my claw hand, hahaha}



12 Dates of Christmas, Bonny Doon

Christmas kickoff

This year feels extra magical for some reason. Maybe it’s the cold, raining mornings, or smell of fires burning in chimneys in our neighborhood. Who knows. If you don’t already know, Rob gets pretty excited about Christmas. He’s sort of like Mr. Christmas – he kept calling this past weekend the “Christmas Kickoff” . . . getting our tree, putting up lights, Christmas movies, baking cookies, etc. To help us get in the holiday spirit {even more than we already are}, I thought we’d do the famous 12-dates of Christmas. If you’re a blogger you may have seen this fad in the blogosphere. It’s great for couples or friends!

The first date of Christmas is to pick out a tree & decorate it. So, we did. Over the weekend we went to the Crest Ranch Christmas Tree Farm up in Bonny Doon. It was life-changing. They had SO many kinds of trees, even one that looked quite beachy.





We got that baby home and started decorating. Not a minute went by without us obsessing over how wonderful it smelt.We promised each other we’d never put up a fake tree again.

Are you a fake or real tree person?