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Happy birthday to me

thumb_IMG_6549_1024For my birthday this year I decided to treat myself to Pure Barre! I started with the $10 Tuesday deal and then quickly fell in love. The music, the small movements, the pain. I’m officially hooked. I’m also incredibly in love with their clothing! Too bad I can’t afford any of it, ha. I’m 6 classes in and already seeing results. I took a before shot of my mid-section in case an after shot will be needed. Let’s see how I do after 30 days …  Happy birthday to me!


Baby J, Chandler

Arizona patio baby shower

Are you ready for some gorgeous baby shower pictures?! I just gotta say, my sister did an AMAZING job with my shower. It was so stylish and just what I envisioned. My Mom and friends also added their creative touches to the day. A big thank you to them for making it one of the most memorable days of my life. Every detail was perfect – as was the cake {which I’d been obsessing over on Pinterest for the longest time!}. I miss my Arizona friends so much. My tongue was about numb after trying to catch up with every single person. I was on a crazy high during and after the shower — a natural high of joy!

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Baby J, Chandler, Friends, Heather by Hand

Showered with love

I just got back from the most amazing baby shower in Arizona. My sister, with the help from my mom and friends, put on a darling, outdoor patio shower in my honor, at The Living Room in Chandler. It was everything I had hoped for. And I must say, it was one of the best social events I’ve attended this year ;) So adult, and so stylish! I couldn’t believe how many people attended, and with lots of gifts and books and hugs and belly rubs! I felt so loved. It was so wonderful seeing everyone. A big thank you to my sister for carrying out all the event & creative details, my Mom for the fun games and support, and my friends for their creative eye as well. It was a beautiful day and I can’t wait to share more pictures.  Here’s a quick peak:


{The guest tree and favors table — guests were asked to “leaf” their fingerprint as they came in. How cute is THAT?!
And I officially have an obsession with woodland creatures, especially the fox!}


{I LOVE succulents, so this was the perfect parting gift for guests. I’ll be watching mine grow from California, too}