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Swanton Berry Farm

This past Sunday, this little family went to Davenport for a jam tasting at Swanton Berry Farm. The weather was perfect, a little windy but sunny! I’d heard about Swanton Berry Farm from some friends at church, and have had it on our to-do list for quite some time now. We’re HUGE fans of jam, and I solely blame Rob’s Grandma Margie for that. She makes a killer raspberry jam. My sister literally eats it out of the jar with her fingers {OK, so do I}. Well, anyway, we love jam so we were excited to get our taste on. To our surprise, there was more than just jam to splendor our taste buds on.

{I immediately grabbed us 4 of these}

{Here’s the inside seating. They have all kinds of board games lying around, just asking for someone to play with them.}

{We didn’t do any picking this trip, but maybe this summer. The olallieberry is calling my name!}

{The tasting counter . . . strawberry, tayberry {a rare blackberry!}, strawberry citrus & strawberry rhubarb. The regular ‘ol strawberry was our favorite.}

{The strawberry apple cider was amazing. We also tried their strawberry lemonade, delicious!}

{We grabbed a tayberry NY cheesecake to take home.}

{Baby pies! Too cute.}

{Here’s the view from the outside patio. That ocean line always gets me. So beautiful.}

{Also outside was the Slow Coast airstream store. ADORABLE flannels and local finds!}

{I wanted to take this couch home.}

{Aaannnddd we couldn’t wait until we got home to eat the tayberry cheesecake. We broke into it on the car ride home, ha}
California, Davenport


The day after our Big Sur adventure, Heather invited us to Davenport for the day with her – a secluded cliff beach just north of Santa Cruz by 15 minutes. The beach is famous for its sea-glass – scraps of colored glass tunneled by a natural river from famous glass artists up the hill. Sunday is beach day, as you know, so we of course went!

Heather and I showed up in the same pants and same nail polish {typical}:

Once we parked off the 1, we took a small trail to the beach.

Heather brought her ukulele and Rob quickly stole it from her to make up his own tunes {sorry about the sun spot!}. It is the coolest instrument and I’m so excited to have a friend who’s learning to play it!

After some hours in the sun and sea breeze, we went to the Roadhouse for clam chowder, endless bread and a half glass of tempranillo.

We didn’t find any sea glass so we’re definitely going back. I have a feeling there is more to Davenport still to discover!