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To do in San Francisco: Alamo Square







When our tour bus never showed up at Union Square {sad}, we made the best of it. The trolley line was too long, so we spent a good hour or so at H&M and then jetted off to Alamo Square to see the famous Painted Ladies, as seen on Full House. I’ve been wanting to see these houses FOREVER. It’s a beautiful park where people lounge around and picnic, walk their dogs and throw the frisbee. Such a great “find” – I highly recommend! We stopped at a local corner ice-cream / pie shop to feed our sweet tooth, and then headed home to meet the boys back in the Cruz. That blue sky is to die for, and so are all the houses in this neighborhood!

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Blog Inc. party

To celebrate Oh Joy!‘s new book, Blog Inc., we hosted ourselves a little blogging party in Heather’s cottage kitchen, got out our mini notebooks and worked on our blog outlines and goals. We even wrote up a creative brief for our blogs {it’s funny to be talking about my blog and writing a blog post at the same time}. It was a very productive night of food, planning, dessert, discussion, Christmas music on the record player, hot chocolate and ideas! {One Pretty Place – we wished you could have joined us!} It’s our hope to keep focused and have fun with our blogs. . . so look out 2013. . . we’re ready!

Do you have a creative brief for your blog? If not, I’d be happy to share our template with you :) No matter what, you should read Blog Inc. It’s a quick read {I read it in 2 days} and will instantly inspire you!!!