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Activities for Kids, Jace

Family day at Wheeler’s Drop a Tot

wheelers-drop-a-tot-arcadia-arizonaOur  home daycare provider, Wheeler’s Drop-a-Tot (a.k.a. Veronica:)), hosted a little Family Fun day for all the kids and us parents this past weekend. It was such a good time! We snacked on carna asada tacos and fruit, mingled with the other parents and watched our kiddos play for a couple hours. All the kids know each other so well and love to play together. And Jace especially liked seeing his girlfriend Stella ;) The play center by Supertots Veronica rented out was pretty awesome, too. Great for birthday parties. We sure do love Veronica and her girls and the whole group. I can’t explain how comforting it is to see all our kids play together and also talk with their parents about the same things we’re going through, to share stories and laugh at each other (and who am I kidding, at our kids, too!) Thanks, Veronica for having us all over. It was such a special day!

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Activities for Kids, Jace

Letters to Jace

img_2246 Our day care (one of the best home day cares in the Arcadia district if you ask me!) started a new thing with the kids every week where they practice writing letters to their mom and dad (or whoever they want really) and then we write a letter back. Of course the first person Jace wrote a letter to was Rob. Go figure. Funny thing is, when Rob opened his letter, there were only a couple scribbles on the dotted lines, lol! Seems Jace is still too young to write out anything but it’s the thought that counts, right?! I think he liked writing alongside his friends and picked his Daddy to write to. Since Jace can’t read yet (obviously), our day care encouraged us to still write a letter back so she can read it out loud to him. Rob took this to heart, all the way, and wrote our little Jace his first letter back. And because this is my blog and I write about whatever I want, I decided to post a picture of Rob’s letter back so I could remember it. Rob even included a photo and a couple pieces of candy.  I think this is such a great idea for parents who miss their kiddos while they’re at work. I can totally attest to the fact that leaving your kids with someone else during the day is hard. But writing little notes to each other, almost like you were in grade school together, helps them know how much you love them and are thinking about them. I hope Jace realizes how proud we are of him in every way, and that we are always thinking of him. Well, just thought to share this idea with you in case you want to try it out!


Favorites, Jace

Jack & Winn Snapbacks

Jack & Winn Snapbacks Hat for toddlers
I came across the most wonderful thing the other day on Brickyard Buffalo == Jack & Winn Baby/Toddler/Child snapbacks!! Not sure what a snapback is? Well, you’re not alone. I just recently learned the term, believe it or not. This song will help. Anyway .. I ordered the grey hat for Jace and have seriously been in love ever since. It’s ridiculously perfect. Can’t. handle. the. cuteness. Jack & Winn, you make some darling little boy hats. Heck, they’re even fun for little girls! The little tomboy that I was would have loved a snapback in my heyday. Might need to get this black one for him next, since Jace is SUPER into wearing hats. He loves them. Well, for now, enjoy these #jaceface pics! ;)

Jack & Winn Baby Toddler Child SnapBacks

Cher Joy, Jace

My sleepy boy

IMG_0622This little person makes me so happy. He’s been doing the funniest thing lately, where we won’t nap or go to bed without his light-up crocs on (and although you can’t see it, his ninja turtle watch, too). It’s so sweet how attached he gets to things that are his or “mine”. And of course he’s still in love with that monkey blankie. Not sure he’ll ever give that up. I woke up before Jace and I found myself just laying next to him and listening to his little breaths. All curled up with his blankie and shoes on. All over again my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. It’s already March and I can’t slow down time. I can’t stop him from growing. All I can do is take these quiet moments for what they’re worth and enjoy his littleness. And take as many Sunday naps with him as possible;)


Choo Choo, Jace is TWO!

IMG_0327IMG_0328Hola friends! Wanted to post some pictures from Jace’s 2nd birthday party. As you can see, the theme was his favorite thing in the whole wide world right now = Thomas the Train! We love Veteran’s Park in downtown Gilbert; it’s the perfect size playground for a small party, and right next to the railroad tracks! It was super cheap to rent out a ramada. Downside, you had to walk across the tracks to use the restroom :/

Any-who, I found the cutest invitation and banner for the party on Etsy, including a “Baggage Claim” sign for his little party favor bags my friend Heather made us .. ordered cake pops from Fry’s Signature Marketplace (in Scottsdale, off Shea/Tatum) .. made his mini confetti cake from my bundt cake pan .. and topped it off with his other favorite thing in the world, a sparkler “two”! I of course didn’t capture all the details, like I did at his 1st birthday party.  This time around I had to keep an eye on him since he was running around like a mad man. He really was the happiest little boy, socializing and smiling at everyone, probably to get more M&Ms from the cake pop jar, but nonetheless, he was a social butterfly up until the end. Such a trooper. He loved hanging out with all the kids, and especially his girlfriend, Miss Maivyn (see the cheek stroke below:)). Such a fun day. Weather was perfect, a slight breeze. Easy peasy! Also, my sweet sister-in-law took a lot of these photos with her fancy camera, and the rest came from my other sister ;) Oh, and as can be expected, I’m in almost none of the photos, hahaha. Oh-well. Maybe at his 3rd birthday?! And his little Thomas the Train baseball hat is to-die-for (thanks Momma!). Enjoy the pictures!

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