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Bird calling

Also while in Tahoe this summer, the boys were really into making bird calls. We thought they did an awesome job!! So cute and a video we definitely wanted to save from our trip. We spent a lot of time on this patio at our Airbnb and in the back yard. Pretty sure the neighbors hated us.

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Sand harbor at Lake Tahoe

Since coming back to California we’ve been dying to go back to Tahoe with the boys.  So, the week before I was due back to work, we packed up my beachy mom van and drove up to King’s Beach for 4 days. We originally only booked 2 nights at our favorite AirBnB but it was available another night so we went for it. Tahoe is our happy place. We could probably stay at either end of the lake but in the summer we always find ourselves closer to North shore so we can go to Sand Harbor. It’s by far the most beautiful beach on the lake, and recommended by locals as well. It’s also great for kids, with its shallow and crystal clear banks. Traveling or even taking a “vacation” with kids isn’t really a vacation though, it’s a lot of work. The moments where we weren’t changing a poopy diaper, or cutting up fruit for little mouths or swaddling, breastfeeding, soothing, applying sunblock on sandy skin, carrying butt loads of stuff or having to play a zone defense so no one kid would run in the street or fall off the porch, we’re far from in between but still cherished. If anything, our hearts soared when we saw how excited Jace was to be in “Tahoe”, his adventures looking for black bears, Walker’s obsessions with bird calls and sand buckets and shovels. Even Mr. Callen with his still newborn needs was able to nap a couple times on the beach, and stay content. It was a long 4 days but gosh, was the weather beautiful. We had it all too – thunderstorms, lightning, hail, rain, sunshine, wind and cold and warm. But it gave us more reason to cuddle in our cabin and dip into the hot tub. A trip we’ll definitely remember, regardless of the unexpected fevers and late nights up soothing babies. Nothing a couple Moscow mules can’t mend we say!

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Hidden beach at Lake Tahoe

Hi friends! Long time no talk. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did, and just got back from Lake Tahoe.  I already want to go back, back to where the water is aqua and teal and blue and beautiful. Reminds me of the water in Oia or Capri. It’s breathtaking. Makes you want to jump in, swim to the other side or just drink a cold glass of water.  Ha. The water wasn’t freezing either, just what every lake temp is that I’ve been in. Warmer than the ocean up here, that’s for sure. We met up with my family and stayed 4 days in a darling little lake house rental {thanks, Airbnb!}. Our rental was walking distance to King’s Beach, fireworks and lake excursions. I definitely recommend paddle boarding at this beach. Amazing and very easy. Except, a small wave came up fast and I freaked and about did a cartwheel, flopping off my board. Now, THAT’S a cold water plunge! On our last day, before we made the long drive home, Rob and I stopped at Hidden Beach, a little beach south of Incline Village {on the Nevada side}. Yes, I read about it in Sunset Magazine and was determined to hit up one spot mentioned in last year’s Tahoe issue. It was a little hard to get to {a 20-min walk if you don’t find close parking}, but worth it {if you don’t have a baby to backpack around}. . . definitely one of those coves you’d want to park your boat for awhile. Great for snorkeling and adventures with your doggies. Not as family-friendly {by that I mean baby-friendly}. But we like a challenge and sweated our way to and from it. Whatever. Jace did great though and slept in the Ergo. The pictures alone were worth our time. Lake Tahoe did not disappoint. And I think it wowed my family just as much as it wowed us again. More pictures to come!