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Santa Cruz Mountains Passport Days

I’m a big fan of John Benedetti and his Sante Arcangeli Wine, and heard that they’d be having a tasting this weekend during Santa Cruz Mountains Passport Days {which I stumbled upon on Google}, so we took a nice little drive up to Los Gatos to stop by. It was a gorgeous day for wine-tasting {for Rob to enjoy that is}. I’m so excited for John and even more excited that he now has a tasting room in Pescadero {!!}. Next time you’re in Santa Cruz, take a drive up the coast to Pescadero for a tasting. The Sante pinot noir is amazing.

{Rob tasting, and John pouring!}

Favorites, Los Gatos

My dream house

I walked into my dream home last week. It pretty much rocked my world, in every way. BEST model home I’ve ever been in. I love my job.







But, wait. There’s more. There’s coral.





It’s decided. Coral will be a part of my future home decor. It’s WONDERFUL. Plus, it my favorite nail polish color.
The icing on the cake? These two frames right here:



Owl forever dream about this house.
Los Gatos

Goat hill fair

Having my parents here has been an absolute “joy”. Today is my last day with them, but I’m pretty sure they’re in love with Santa Cruz as much as we are so maybe we’ll see them soon!

While the boys played golf this past Saturday, Mother and I went to Los Gatos for the Goat Hill Fair. We took the lovely drive up Summit Rd., under the trees and streaks of sunshine, to a little farm in Los Gatos, where the goats sun bathe and a hillside turns into a vendor fair, full of etsy-style stores and boutiques galore. We parked, walked up the hill, wiped the sweat from our upper lips, paid the entry, and started to explore all of the vintage antiques and home decor.

Now, I had every intention of spending some serious dough. I even brought cash, which is something I rarely plan ahead with. But lately my stomach begins to ache horribly every time I get close to spending money. I don’t know what it is. Guess when you pinch pennies long enough, you start getting anxiety over spending $40 on a custom-made leather cuff. I did splurge for a ring by the Bombshell Betty and a refreshing lemon popsicle. Here were all the things I WANTED to buy, but my stomach told me not to {other than the popsicle}.

I’m feeling the most regretful over these set of 4, coral frames. I should have just put my guilt aside and purchased; these would have looked amazing on a wall in my cottage. *sigh*

All in all {by which I hope you can tell}, the Goat Hill Fair was very charming and down-to-earth {or down-to-farm}. It reminded me of Sweet Salvage, a monthly antique event I used to go to with Kristin. Kristin – you would have LOVED this fair! Be sure to check out the website for their next event so you can drive over for the day {or weekend!}. Goat Hill – you’re all mine next time; no holding back!