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New Orleans

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Now, to wrap up my trip to New Orleans — we spent our last afternoon in the Garden District, where we walked through Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 and the surrounding neighborhoods. I so wish my mom could have walked through this cemetery with me. She loves cemeteries. Felt like I was in the movie Double Jeopardy. I totally read through the gravestones for boy name ideas. Unfortunately, nothing really jumped out at me.

We stopped at a quaint little coffee shop for iced lemonade and coffee and caught up on email before catching a ride to the airport. I seriously had the BEST weekend, and would love to go back sometime. Thanks NOLA for a great weekend, and thanks Heather for being such a fun and adventurous travel partner!

New Orleans

New Orleans {NOLA}

Are you ready for the longest blog post in the world? Well, here we go. Adventures at work took me to New Orleans this past weekend with my friend, Heather. When we weren’t at the PMA Fresh Summit, we were walking the streets of New Orleans and taking in all the sites. Our hotel was pretty wonderful, and all decked out for Halloween.

The weather was nice enough to take a pedal cab after a long day on the show floor. Looking a little tired here.

That night we went for a stroll on Bourbon street. I imagined a street lined with bourbon bars and cigar shops, but nooo. My sweet little head was not prepared for what I saw. Guess this is where Marti Gras goes down. The never-ending street of strip clubs, stench and junky bars {as you can see I only took one picture to capture the memory}. Finally the street started to clear up as we got to the gay bars. Then we took a few turns out and our surroundings turned nice again. We ended up on Frenchman street for the remainder of the night where Miss Heather got a tattoo {so spontaneous that one!}, we shopped for local finds at the Frenchman Art Market, listened to jazz music and ate some homestyle cooked, fried chicken. It was the BEST, first official night in NOLA, aside from the heart attack Heather almost gave me by getting a tattoo. It’s so beautiful though and she definitely “leapt”! I just wasn’t mentally prepared!

The following morning we got up early to beat the crowd to Cafe Du Monde  Not sure the powdered sugary beignets were the best idea before going to a trade show for the day but it was worth it. They’re amazing.

Our last day started off with a riverboat tour of the Mississippi river. Steamboat Natchez, the only operating steamboat left on the river, was highly recommended to us. Had some more southern food, listened to jazz and took in the history of the Crescent city. I’ll share the rest later {soon!}.