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Oahu, Rob

Congrats Rob!

Mr. Johannes received first place in the last incentive program last quarter at his work, and won an all-expenses paid trip BACK to Hawaii! Congratulations, honey!! I’m so jealous, but so happy for you! You earned it!!!


Last day in Oahu

By the third day in Hawaii, our hearts were done for. We were in love. On our last day with Michelle and David, we got in as much as possible. First we hiked Diamond Head and experienced the best view of Honolulu.

Then we set off for the North shore, past the Dole pineapple fields {I did NOT know that pineapples grew above ground!}, to the beautiful beaches the locals swarm to for surfing.

First stop was shave ice!

The boys played 9 holes, while Michelle and I basked in the Hawaiian sun.

Then a late lunch at the Shrimp trucks. The scampi was AMAZING.

We ended the day back on our side of the island, with dinner at Roy’s to celebrate Michelle & David’s anniversary.

It was a great day. We loved Oahu!!!

30 in Kauai, Oahu

Oahu, Part II

Day two in Oahu was JAM PACKED! We got in the car, turned on the Hawaiian tunes and were off. First stop was Pearl Harbor. Hearing the interviews, seeing the names. Wow. My heart still goes out to all the souls lost and to those who fought so courageously for our freedom.

Next stop was Olomana Orchids, and then Kailua beach for brunch, kayaking and dinner at the Farmer’s Market. I don’t know what was better, the guava chiffon pancakes or the macadamia nut-crusted chicken. Actually, everything we ate pretty much rocked. We just went from booth to booth, eating and trying different fruits and foods. Hawaiian Farmer’s Markets are SO different from California Farmer’s Markets. The community actually comes to eat dinner, then grocery-shop.



Oahu, Part I

Aloha my friends! Long time no talk! Well, we are back from Hawai’i and still obsessing over how amazing it was. The air, the lush landscape, the breeze. Everything. It changed our souls forever. Cheesy, I know, but I’m for real. Hawaii is where it’s at. The first part of our trip we spent in Oahu. Thankfully our trip overlapped with that of our friends, Michelle & David, so we got to spend most of Oahu with them. Michelle & David go to Hawaii every year and happily acted as our tour guides. They know the best attractions, pit-stops, restaurants and beaches in Oahu . . . we felt very lucky to have had such a wonderful couple to hang out with for the first part of our trip. The first day involved checking into our beautiful hotel and enjoying some celebratory mai tais — then we walked over to the Paradise Cove Luau. The best start to our Hawaiian vacay!

Not to mention that our hotel upgraded us to an ocean-view room for free. We had the best view of the ocean AND sting-rays pool! I don’t think we can ever NOT have an ocean-view now. Hearing those waves make all the difference.

{tribal tattoos}

{. . and head pieces – plumeria is my new favorite flower. It smells so incredible in the wild}

{David & Michelle :)}