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Cher Joy, Pet sitting

Cher joy

Are these October days flying as fast for you as they are for me? I can’t believe the month is already nearing to an end. Hope you all had a good week last week and if you were a boss, hope you were spoiled. We’re heading out this morning to go kayaking with some new friends. I hope to see some cute otters. Until next time, here are my moments of joy from last week:

1. Cuddles with Rudy.
2. My October birchbox.
3. Boss’ Day with my Boss, Kathy. By the tears I’d say she was surprised.
4. The sailor striped Baggu Duck Bag is back! And I have one {yay}.

Pet sitting

Polka dots & roo

We had Rudy for the weekend and on his last day, after his bubble bath, I decided to get a little silly. Yes, I was bored. And yes, he’s a male dog. But I had this cute polka-dot bandana tucked away and just HAD to use it. Look how cute he is!

Pet sitting

Rudy bega

We had Rudy for the weekend and loved every minute of it. He has the best smile and hops I’ve ever seen.

Lucy & Rudy are best friends. They can share a front seat no problem!

Come back soon Rudy!

Lucy, Pet sitting, Tacoma

Gus’s dog park birthday

Our regular pet sitting client, Gus, had a birthday party at the Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert last Sunday and we had a BLAST!!! This Cosmo Dog Park is awesome. They have a great lake for swimming, another gated area with obstacles and good space for running and another for timid dogs. We spent most of our time near the water!

Gus wasn’t one for posing for the camera though. I ended up getting more pictures of his butt than his face.


Guess he was too interested in walking around the park looking for new friends;) I love that about him. I was happy to get him to look once here!

Lucy could be found either by the water fountain laying in the muddy water, or under the picnic table.


Tacoma on the other hand was all about the water. He loves playing in the water and with the other dogs. I love that he’s so social and happy!!!



Gus’s mom, Sandy, made pup-cakes for everyone and customized goodie bags.


Sandy is seriously so cool.