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A trip to Lagunitas in Petaluma

Way back in January, before we had even made the decision to move back to Arizona, we took a little road trip up to Petaluma for the weekend. We had been wanting to check out the Lagunitas Brewery for quite some time and desperately wanted to get away for a couple days. Away from the dogs and weekend chores. Clear our heads, get a hotel and relax a little bit as a family.  To my surprise, Lagunitas was jam packed when we got there. Somehow we snagged a parking spot, as we waved goodbye to the tour buses that were pulling out to venture off to the next brewery tasting. We intended to stay as long as possible, to get the full experience. Even though we didn’t have the energy for the tour, you definitely should do it! I was so glad they had a nice lawn for us to play on with Jace, because almost every table was taken. Mr. Rob was treated like a King, with his name dropping and distributor partnership. What a fun day.

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A lady bug on the head is good luck, right? ;)

IMG_4592IMG_4607IMG_0951 IMG_0953After our day at the brewery, we checked into our hotel in Santa Rosa and then went on to have an AMAZING, italian dinner at LoCoco’s in downtown Santa Rosa, which was just a walk away. It was the best night. We ate so much food, and even ordered the limoncello. This weekend together was just what we needed. From the brew to the hotel to the italian to the easy drive. It was the perfect getaway.