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Wine not: Poetic Cellars

Miss Heather had a Groupon for wine tasting in Soquel, so while the guys were working and biking, we drove up for the afternoon. Poetic Cellars is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, tucked away high in the hills. The drive up was so peaceful. Here are a few pictures from our little wine outing. Look at the view of the mountains. Breathtaking.

The Petite Sirah was by far the best. Part of the deal was a free bottle of wine, so we opted for the Sirah to enjoy on Thanksgiving. And, we walked out with a map of all the local wineries, so I’m ecstatic. The Santa Cruz Mountains have more to offer than I thought!


I’m sorry

But I’m married to one sexy man:

Last weekend we finally celebrated our 4-year anniversary. No gifts needed, just a spendy dinner out is how we do it. We dined at Cafe Cruz in Soquel and while we sipped on wine and ate crab cakes, we made our next 5-year plan (we’re pretty big on visualizing the future if you can’t tell).

Happy Anniversary Rob! I love you so much.