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Lucy, Tacoma

Doggy shame

Our dogs crack us up. They also sort of embarrass us, especially when friends are over. I’ve seen too many pet shame blogs and emails lately to NOT enforce this with our pups; they’re pretty special if you know what I mean. And heck, if I were them, I’d feel ashamed!

When Lucy’s hair is cut short, she sort of reminds me of Falcor from The Never Ending Story. Am I right?!?!


More shame signs to come I’m sure.


Man’s best friend

Look at these two. They’re so in love. Could Rob BE any more happy in this moment? Scotch, cigar and his dog. Too cute.



I’m so in love with our little pup. I call him ‘Coma’ for short and have decided that Karma Chameleon is his theme song. I sing the chorus to him all the time. I like how it plays off “coma, coma, coma, chameleon…”. It’s really “karma, karma, karma, karma, chameleon, etc.” but my version is better. Wow, that music video is hilarious.

These were his puppy shots when we adopted him. How could we have said no?


This is another favorite of mine, where he’s still puppy but growing.

Now he’s a little teenager and has a lot of energy.

He sleeps in the most awkward positions.


He loves his snuggie and as soon as we get up he has it in his mouth, dragging it around like a toddler.

He also loves the park and going for long walks. Still growing into his legs! (FYI this is NOT my lawn)

He loves to hold hands. Every time you pet his head he thinks it’s an invitation to holds hands, or sit in your lap. He was totally meant for me.

He is always up for a game of tug-a-war.

And one toy isn’t enough, he needs two at all times.

Just wanted to share the joy this dog brings me!