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Cheryl, Phoenix, Tempe

My view lately

thumb_IMG_0700_1024 Well, hello. How are you? Me… Well, I’ve been soaking up the Arizona life these days, for what it’s worth! Somehow I’ve made myself very busy again. But I don’t mind .. the weather is nice, it’s good to keep Jace active and about .. and my view lately, no matter how I look at it, is pretty awesome. Life is good, and so is God! I’ve been up to a lot, and I’d love to share.

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Friends, Tempe

A farewell in black & white

My sister threw us the nicest farewell party last weekend at the Grigio. It was a lovely night with our friends and family, where we mingled, ate cake and toasted to new beginnings! Here are the pics from the party, portrait style:





Love how my Dad is getting ready to flip someone off. Hahaha




I’m going to miss them all so much. Can’t believe we’re really moving!

Family, Friends, Tempe

The Color Run

My sister and I joined my friend Melissa and the rest of the ‘We Color Outside the Lines‘ team in The Color Run last weekend. We had a blast! The minds behind The Color Run ask that you wear all white at the start of the race. So, we did.

Love her.


(Picture taken by Melissa)


The “Color Extravaganza” at the end was by far the best part! My favorite was the teal color.

(Picture taken by Melissa)





I had Tipped Out hair for a day!