Cher Joy

Cher joy

Hi ya there. Happy Sunday! Well, sleep really isn’t fun anymore for me. For reasons I’d rather not talk about. I really wish I could have a cup of strong coffee right now. It’s been a rather lazy weekend for us so far. Went to a breastfeeding workshop yesterday and left feeling a little grossed out. I pray my nipples don’t look like those on the videos we watched. Scareville! As our weekends normally go, we’ve been lounging, eating good food and watching back episodes of Friends and The Office. We’ve got a lot of work to do today in the nursery and also want to check out the Santa Cruz flea market. Hopefully my body’s up for it. Only 2 more weeks ’til go-time {hopefully}. I have lots on my personal and creative to do list this week {and a little bit of regular work}. Plus, I registered for my first Calligraphy class! Just need to get some nibs now {yay!}. Also expanded my podcast stations for some new topics to listen to when I’m killing time before baby comes. Hope you all had a good, productive week. Here’s what brightened my week last week:


1. GIRLS!  Finally.
2. Crab feed in Capitola this week. Delicious.
3. Root beer floats before bed.
4. My woodland creatures baby shower at work {more pics to come!}

Have a great week friends!

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