Cher Joy

Cher joy

Another week has flown by here in Santa Cruz. Wish life would slow down sometimes. We had our 16 week appointment this past week and all is well. When we walked out, I realized that pregnancy is sort of romantic. It’s intimate and new. That feeling of wandering into the unknown, not knowing what to expect; a little scary, but really exciting. We couldn’t be happier. I’m realizing too that I need to really to keep positive in all aspects of my life – especially right now. To fight the hormones and surround myself with positive influences. There is so much good every week that I need to not get bogged down with anything negative. Which reminds me, it’s the little things that feed into all the good in life. Here’s what brought me joy last week:


1. I’m officially on a Mac at work! {yay!!}
2. Fresh flowers from the farmer’s market.
3. Date night with my man – driving range and dinner out.
4. Aromas Day with my friend, Michelle. Love her.

Have a great week friends! Only 1 more week left in August. CRAZY!

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