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Remember when my bestie Kristin and I missed last year’s Alt and decided to throw our own mini Alt at my house? We worked on our blogs, caught up on our favorite blogs and some new, collaborated on what we thought other bloggers did well {and not so well}, and developed some goals for our own blogs. This year, Kristin bought her ticket within minutes of registration opening  {I’m so excited for her!!} and little ol’ me couldn’t afford to go {I blame California}. Well, this year – Alt and Bing are giving away a free ticket {here and here} and I’d like to give a little shout out for a chance to win.

There is a great video of the conference from last year, one Kristin and I watched over and over again, no joke:

You can read more about the Alt Design Summit and their mission of connecting and empowering bloggers on their main site. Their logo is stellar, as is their followership and training resources. I’m a fairly new blogger, and really only use this space as a platform to share joy and our adventures in life {after all, isn’t that what it’s all about – connecting with others and seeing life through someone else’s eyes? I like to think so}. :) I hope my blog becomes something even bigger eventually.

They recently just started a new blog about business, blogging, photography, and design. One of my favorite posts if you’re a newbie too, is the 8 Tips for Great Blogging. Some in which I’m aspiring to excel at myself. Many people I’m sure start a blog just to start one. But these tips help you key in on certain aspects that will help you develope compelling content,  build a followership and create new friendships along the way. The Alt blog is an endless stream of ideas and inspiration to help you have fun with your blog and make it none other than a success.

For blogging inspiration and business advice, check out the new Alt blog. Today!

It would be absolutely wonderful to attend Alt with Kristin, and to hear first-hand from some of the bloggers I admire so much. A networker’s dream come true! Thanks, Alt and good luck to all!

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  • Reply Kristin Moon Thomson September 11, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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