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The Polar Express + a VIDEO

This past weekend we got away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix and went up to Flagstaff, mainly to get up to The Polar Express in Williams (part of the Grand Canyon Railway). And what a magical weekend it was. Just as I had hoped. On getting there a day early, we hit up a couple breweries, including Mother Road (it helps that I’m a bonafide DD for Roberto), played in the snow up at Snow Bowl, boarded the train late Sunday night and finished the weekend at Rock Springs Cafe for some apple crumble and coconut cream pie. Which btw, everytime I go to Rock Springs it makes me want to run home and watch Waitress (it’s one of my favorites:)).  I can’t express enough how AMAZING The Polar Express was! Even though it was like we were stepping into Christmas on crack, it was just what we needed to kick off the holiday season. There was no way we were leaving without the Christmas cheer ingrained in us that night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jace’s face more happy. I think I will remember his smiles and giggles and singing for the rest of my life. It was fun cozying up in jackets and beanies for once, and just relaxing at the hotel we stayed at. We even took a nap and watched It’s A Wonderful Life (Rob’s favorite Christmas movie of all time). Hope you all get to do something festive like this in your parts!

img_2420 img_2422img_2424img_2446img_2450 img_2451 img_2484Other reasons why The Polar Express rocked our world (in my own, neurotic opinion):

  1. They give you huge chocolate chip cookies, the good ones, and they’re the size of a toddler’s head.
  2. The hot chocolate was the perfect temperature for drinking (this is hard to do!)
  3. The music was on point all night (and included all the songs one LOVES about Christmas), plus they gave you all the words to the songs (huge help since I knew like no words)
  4. The cars were warm and toasty, but you didn’t sweat (or at least I didn’t)
  5. Kids don’t have to sit on Santa’s lap, you simply have to wave and say hi, and take the bell. Jace wanted to hug him so bad, though. And Santa looked legiiit.
  6. Everyone looked like complete dorks on the train, and there an’t no shame in that. Adults in onesie jammies and tight tights // oh yea baby!  I often thought the parents were the elves because they were so committed to dressing the part with their kids.
  7. The duration of the ride was just long enough to keep a toddlers’ attention span (and ours).
  8. The train station! OMG. So enchanting.
  9. The 5:30pm departure time allowed us to watch the sunset and see all the surrounding landscapes melt away with the twinkling lights and stars above.
  10. The dancing, the clapping, the bouncing, the overall just fanastic feeling of Christmas I would say. How’s that for cheesy?!

As you can tell, I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who lives in Arizona, or nearby. Totally worth every penny.

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