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12 days of our Christmas

Wow! What a blur these holidays were! And so much I don’t want to forget. Thought I’d do a little Christmas recap, in the theme of 12 days or “things” I want to remember, starting with a little project Jace and me did one afternoon over the break. We made elf hats! And Mr. Jace insisted on wearing it for the week straight, even on the strolls to the market, he wore it. Such a cutie that one. We did so many art projects this holiday. Our house was decorated with cotton ball Santa beards, snowflakes and home-made ornaments.

Day 2 – My boys in matching vests and flannels, putting up Christmas lights.

Day 3 – Rob’s Grandma Dana, Jace’s Great Grandma, sent us a box of goodies, including ornaments like she always does, and this year a Santa Claus figurine. It was Jace’s new favorite toy. He used it to fight his superman and batman figurines – the all and powerful Santa Claus!

Day 4 – Putting Walker in obnoxious Christmas pajamas and hoo-inspired headbands. He was just so delicious this Christmas. So active and smiley and happy (until the 3rd tooth popped last week!)

Day 5 – An afternoon with my boys at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I totally scored some tickets from a friend for free, which was so nice because we barely lasted 2 hours at the aquarium. But we lasted long enough to find an Italian restaurant after for a big past dinner. So good, but so tiring all the same for this preggo, ha.

Day 6 – A quiet night playing cars with my boys, under the little mini tree we put in their room. Walker totally knew I was taking this picture, too. Little goof!

Day 7 – Appetizers at Heather’s before Christmas Eve service. And seriously. Look at that spread. Heather is just the sweetest Auntie to my little boys, and heck what am I saying, friend to us, too! Such a savory and delightful holiday visit. And Christmas Eve service at Vintage was absolutely magical this year. One of the best Christmas Eves for the books if you ask me. Sidenote, one of these times I’m going to get a picture with my dear best friend. I have to get better at that in 2018.

Day 8 – Opening gifts Christmas morning! It really felt like the Jace show though; almost every gift under the tree this year was a gift for him. So spoiled that one. We put out our cookies and milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeer, only to see them all gobbled up that morning! With hot chocolate in hand (coffee for us!) and Christmas cinnamon rolls, we went to town. Stockings are my absolute favorite. Walker was more interested in fingering the decorations on his than rummaging through it, but Jace dug right in. It was all over in about 30 minutes. All that build up and nights of wishing for Christmas, as Jace would say, “I just want Christmas.” It was so funny this year because Jace really “got” Christmas and Santa Claus and was all into the Christmas movies and every day he would ask us to talk about Christmas. Too cute.

Day 9 – Jace’s favorite gift was his cassette player, like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. As soon as all his gifts were opened he wanted to get dressed, put on his new vans and listen to his cassette player, old school style – except it’s a MP3 player type thing?

Day 10 – Daddy elf in action Christmas day, putting together all Jace’s rad gifts. Glad it was him and not me or else nothing would get assembled.

Day 11 – A Christmas walk to the beach! Thinking of making this a yearly tradition if we always live this close to the beach. My in-laws found us this cool baby-carrier-backpack thing to hike with and Walker absolutely loves it! We bundled up, grabbed our remote control drone thingy gift and headed to our favorite hidden beach. Jace built a Christmas sand castle and I just enjoyed that beautiful view. It seriously looked like God was shining his love down on us that day. So peaceful and serene. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Christmas day.

Day 12 – And finally, we decided to have a crabby Christmas this year! It’s basically our favorite meal, and now we just gave ourselves another excuse to make it, ha. Even Jace participated in the filet, potatoes and King crab. He also said grace and thanked god for blessing our hearts and for a Crabby Christmas. I might have teared up.

Overall a wonderful, easy and quiet Christmas for us Johannes. And gosh, kids make Christmas so much fun. Makes us feel like kids again ourselves. I think we have a lot of fun years ahead of us and I can’t wait. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well!

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